Sunday, July 26, 2009

Goodbye to a great

A very classy, talented man. Look at all that bling!
I didn't mean the title to sound funerary, and I'm really behind I know, but Joe Sakic retired, and that makes me really sad. He was my favorite player in the league, but he left the game on his own terms. Mr. Sakic didn't strike me as the type to hang around forever, and when he felt he could no longer play the way he wanted to, he hung 'em up. I respect that, but I'm still sad as I wanted to see him wear the red and white in 2010 in his hometown. Hats off to you, Joe. I hope whatever you occupy your time with is fun and you don't have second thoughts. Maybe you can follow in Yzerman's footsteps?
Link to his press conference is here

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