Monday, August 10, 2009

Patrick Kane is a huge douchebag

As I'm sure you've all heard, he and his cousin got arrested and charged with a felony and several misdemeanors. Whoops. They didn't mention underage drinking, but I would be willing to bet that will be included, since he's only 20, and at that hour coming from the nightclub district, was probably smashed. At this point, though, underage drinking is probably the least of his worries.

This was all over 20 cents. I mean co'mon, you're supposed to tip cabbies, I would've handed the man a 20 and been done with it. At the very least just let him keep the change from the 15. THEN he not only took the 15 back, but stole another 100 dollars. Taxi drivers don't make much, help the man out.

The best part of all this in my mind is how much of a jerk this makes him look like. After spending all his time talking about how much he likes being treated like a regular kid (considering how often he says it, he clearly like the attention), he goes out and beats a taxi driver while asking him "don't you know who I am?". Wow. Smooth. I hope Toews rips him a new one for this, because after their awful summer, the Blackhawks really don't need this kind of publicity. I hope if he doesn't have to go to jail, then the judge at least orders some anger management for him. At school, this would be mandatory alcohol abuse counseling, anger management counseling, and possible expulsion. At any other job, he'd get fired, and if convicted of a felony, have a hard time finding another.

TSN has an article and interview with the taxi driver here. I thought this was a joke when I first heard about it by text. None of this is proven, but Jesus, it's not really good for your career to have allegations like this made against you. Even if he gets off, if anything like this happens again, no judge is going to find him innocent twice.

I vote they change his goal song to "Jailhouse Rock" and take him off the cover of NHL '10. He's scheduled to appear in court the day USA's camp opens, I wonder what will happen there.


Teebz said...

I'm still disgusted by all of this. No one deserves that kind of treatment that the cab driver took.

No one.

buddhafisch said...

I have had a really tough time with this. Since it is not Wild related, I don't have much of an outlet.

But seriously... what in the f*ck was this idiot thinking?

I am with you 100%, but would go farther and ban him from the league if he is convicted. NHL '10? Yeah. If they don't take him off the cover, they are as a big a joke as he is.

I not only wish Toews rips him a new one, I would hope that Mr. Bettman would have a word or two on the issue as well. As in "there's the door."

They love people like this in Russia. I hear they pay pretty good too. Though... robbing cabbies in Russia probably not as profitable.

Kirsten said...

Teebz-I agree. I always tip people at least a little bit, even if they do a bad job. Friend of mine from Buffalo says the distance traveled was about right for the charge, so it wasn't even like the cabbie was trying to cheat him.

Buddha-in Russia you'd probably get shot for messing with a cabbie like that, and I doubt the cops would do a damn thing about it.
I'm not as picky, I'll still post it even if it's not Wild related.
If he gets convicted, Team USA will hopefully be under pressure to not put him on the roster.

Anonymous said...

You're bullshit. Stop overreacting. There was nothing about him being drunk, so what if he was anyway? It doesn't matter. It's not your life. I am a huge fan of Patrick Kane and all of the Blackhawks. He is really a nice guy. You don't even know.