Sunday, June 15, 2008

Reasons I like baseball

Before I only watched baseball in the summer, but this spring the playoffs made me mad, so I watched a lot more baseball. I'm really starting to like the game a lot more now. (Minus Carlos Gomez) The Twins have been super up and down this season, but whatever. In my never ending quest (similar to Margee's football quest about football) to get people to not think baseball is boring, I present to you some reasons I like baseball.

1.) There is nothing better than sitting outside in the sunshine on a nice afternoon stuffing your face and watching a game. I like watching the Saints, and soon the Twins for this reason. For those of you over 18, 19, or 21, I hear sitting around knocking back a cold one is a good perk also.

2.) TWINGO, cotton candy, and yelling, are three of my favorite reasons to go to the Dome. Sadly I was one play away from getting TWINGO before all the prizes were handed out, but it's fun anyway. I also enjoy getting a scorecard and doodling all over it. My friend Matt FREAKED out when he left his scorecard for me to mind while he got up for a sec, and was extremely upset to find that I had doodled all over it. He takes his scorekeeping very seriously.

3.) You don't have to freak out if your team loses a game. With 162 games in a season, you can kick back, relax, and just enjoy the game at hand. Watching the division leaders change every week is fun too. Especially if you are a fan in the central division.

4.) Dick and Bert. Dick and Bert are like the Twins version of Tom and Bob. Tom and Bert are both colorful pranksters, and Bob and Dick both know tons about their respective sports and remain reasonably unbiased. Bert circles people and counts down to his birthday while telling stories about how he likes to light stuff on fire.

5.) You can leave and come back, and in three highlights, you're all caught up. It's fantastic. Equally fantastic are the highlights that they show. Awesome catches, sweet hits, outfielders from the other team running into each other, it's hard to pick just one usually.

6.) Justin Morneau, Michael Cuddyer, Mike Redmond, Kevin Slowey, Chipper Jones, Raul Ibanez (I think his name is funny), Bradke, Corey Koskie, Matt Guerrier, all my favorite players. I like them because they entertain me, give back to their communities, smash things, and make awesome plays. It's like my favorite hockey players only less sweaty. Smell those hits!

7.) Twins fans. I love that anywhere I go in Minnesota I can sit around and talk about the Twins with random people. The kids I teach all tell me who their favorite players are (usually Joe Mauer), random dudes in Twins hats chat about last night's game with me. It seems to be a Minnesota thing.

8.) Making fun of Joe Mauer. It's just SO easy and entertaining. He runs like he has a pole shoved up his butt, sits around with his mouth hanging open, and his really unfortunate hair.

9.) The Twins commercials are SO MUCH BETTER than the Wild commercials. If you don't believe me, you can either go to the Twins website or YouTube some of them. Hilarious.

10.) Summer is lazy, baseball is doesn't require nearly as much energy to watch, which suits me just fine in the summer time.

Why do YOU like baseball?


Cortney said...

You are SO right - the Twins commercials are way better than the Wild commercials! And I love that when you get up to go to the bathroom (or get another beer) you don't feel like you're going to miss all the action like you do if you get up in the middle of a Wild game.

elise said...

Kevin Slowey and Justin Morneau are perfectly enough reason for me to watch Twins games (like tonight, with his 2 run HR). But these are all excellent and completely true reasons also.

maggie said...

Amen to all of those reasons.

Cat said...

I didn't start enjoying baseball until a month or two ago. I still don't know the rules, I only know basically how the game works, but man, it's fun. Much better to watch live than on TV, for the beer and face-stuffing. However, on TV, it makes WONDERFUL background television. I can sit on the computer and play games or do whatever, and only turn around when I hear something interesting.

Kirsten said...

Courtney-Not only do you feel like you miss less, you also paid less for the seats, so you don't feel obligated to glue yourself to them. The Wild should hire whoever does the Twins commercials.

Elise-basically. Especially after meeting Slowey today. He was completely awesome.

Maggie-I ty. I picked my brain to come up with this list.

Cat-welcome to the dark side! When you get here we will see the Twins play in person and I will tell you all about what you do not understand. I played ball for years, I should be able to answer at least MOST of your questions.

Cat said...

Huzzah! Are we going on Friday or Saturday? I have no preference, as they're both evening games - you know how I dislike the sun in large doses. That's why I go to tanning salons instead.

Kirsten said...

Hmmm, we are going to whichever game I decide I have a better chance of getting the All Star buttons at. I REALLY REALLY want one. I'll get back to you on that one.