Thursday, June 5, 2008

OK fine

Maybe I'm a little bit happy about the Cup win for the Red Wings, but mostly only because I loathe the Penguins and didn't want to see them win. I'm not a bad Wild fan/Minnesotan, I promise. I'm sure Steph got drunk if she has the funds, and she has a nice couple of posts up about the win over at No Pun Intended. Hopefully she and Elly manage to still be friends. Watch this space for the Epic Adventures of Zetterdouche and Trianglehead if my 40 hour a week internship doesn't kill me first.


Steph said...

I in fact had beer, victory shots, and then spent approximately 5 hours in a hot tub with my friends from 2 am to 7 am getting the cops called on us for yelling about the Red Wings winning the Stanley motherfucking Cup. (We...might've still been a little sauced.)

I'm excited for Zetterdouche and Trianglehead!

Kirsten said...

Awesome. I was hoping you managed to get some celebrating in. Clearly your neighbors have a low tolerence for fun.

I'm working on it. My internship is kind of sucking my will to live, but it will be up soon.

C.K. said...

Hey, I've got to agree with you girls, even though the Minnesota Wild have my heart, the Red Wings are an institution and I was so happy that they won the cup. The Penguins are alright (love Hossa), it seemed like everyone was rooting for them and only because of Crosby, not because they really like the team. Yay Red Wings! And good job for whooping it up, even though the neighbors weren't appreciative enough of the celebration :)