Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Rude fangirl post ahead AKA #!@!~~^ **&(

So maybe I got a little carried away with the blind rage...

Mark Parrish, my favorite player on the team, 5000% less traitor Ryan Smyth, and all around good guy, has been put on waivers. My rage at Doug Risebrough knows no bounds.

When I pick my favorite player, I tend to be slightly irrational. Mark Parrish was the heir apparent to Wes Walz for my new favorite player, and with Mr. Walz's untimely retirement, claimed his title. I got the sweater, I got it signed, I cheered my heart out for him even when he was having some rough times. He didn't have the greatest season (s) of his career, but that's ok. I still really liked him anyway, and damnit, I don't have to have a reason. I picked him and that's that. This system didn't really fit him, and he was injured a lot. I hope he makes a full recovery from his injuries and goes to a team that appreciates him. Preferably the Oilers, even though they don't really need anyone right now.

A word to DR (and Jacques Lemaire, since this seems like it has his hand prints all over it):
Si je vous vois dans la rue, regardez bien vos dos. Je vais vous trebauche.
In English, since I'm not convinced DR is smart enough to be bilingual... If I see you in the street, watch your backs carefully. I WILL trip you.

Extra for JL: J'ai ponce que vous etes plus professional que j'ai vu. Cette guerre entre vous et M. Parrish est comme les enfants. Vous avez quel age? Vous n'avez pas aimer M. Parrish, et vous n'avez pas lui donner une chance de faire quelque chose quand il est retourne de ses blessures. C'est stupid, et maintenant, je ne suis pas un supporter de vous.

I feel slightly better now, and to make it all better, I didn't just cuss a blue streak like I wanted to.

Maybe something else tomorrow.

This is the first time I have openly critisized Jacques Lemaire, but he didn't get along with Parrish for some reason, and that left Parrish screwed/in the doghouse/unhappy.


Connie said...

Awww, I'm sorry. I didn't realize that he was in the doghouse for so long. I'd be super pissed too if he were my favorite player. =(

Keep your chin up! =)

k.m.stiles said...

When I read about Parrish being put on waivers, I had a feeling you'd be pissed.

Paul said...

Hey Kirsten, I was thinking of you when I heard the news about Mark Parrish and sure enough you sounded off. I cannot blame you in the least! I know Parrish had an off year, but I'm surprised that Doug Risebrough when this route.

All I know is that I'm worried the Wild are taking a step backwards this year, but I hope I'm wrong. No, it's not because of this move, it's how the summer has gone for the team.

Hope you're having a good summer nonetheless.

Kirsten said...

Connie-thanks. Stupid Lemaire. I might have to include him in my wrath.

k.m. stiles-I appreciate the thought. Many of my friends sent me texts telling me at work, all secretly hoping they weren't the one to actually break the news to me.

Paul-I dunno what the hell is going on with the team right now, but I don't like it. I think Risebrough is just doing stuff because people complained he wasn't doing enough. I think he's doing a lot of stupid things that will come back to haunt him later. I have never heard of most of the people he's signing. Stop giving away the team to pay Gaborik!

Cortney said...

Ah, Kristen. That picture had me laughing at my desk for a good couple of minutes. I agree with you - they can't keep giving away our consistently decent players just to keep Gaborik on the team. He's not worth it.

Sherry said...

Oh...Kirsten. I know I shouldn't laugh but the picture is hilarious.

And I'm so sorry for your pain.

Kirsten said...

Courtney-thanks. I'm not a good artist, so I do what I can. I KNOW! Gaborik is clearly not worth all the trouble, and even Wayne Gretzky couldn't win a Cup all by himself.

Sherry-The picture is there for entertainment. That's what paint and my trademark green doodles are for, so don't feel badly about laughing!

Thanks for the sympathy. I'll survive, but now I have to pick a new favorite. Maybe I'll hold auditions?