Thursday, August 7, 2008

Blogosphere round up

So I've been really lazy about blogging this summer, and I blame my internship for that. It kicks my butt most of the time, and leaves me with very few brain cells left over to come up with anything original or otherwise to write here. On that note, my fellow bloggers have been busy, so I'll direct you to a few things that have kept me entertained and informed in this time mental quicksand.

Sherry has been busy keeping us updated on the Sens as well as telling us 100 things about herself. Heather B. and Alix have also done the same. This is a project I find particularly interesting, because it highlights just how cool my fellow bloggers are. I'm sure others are doing this as well, and if I can think up 100 things to say about myself, I might join them.

Teebz wrote this article that is a more articulate version of my angry rant about Mark Parrish, and you should check it out if you want actual math, reasons, and statistics, not angry babble and green scribbles.

Jibblescribbits shows the ladies of the blogosphere some love and support on his blog, and we all appreciate it.

Margee is continuing her desperate attempt to create more football fans. Due to my upcoming debut as a fantasy football GM, I'm taking notes. Anyone that wants to help me not look bad is more than welcome to pitch in their advice. I know next to nothing about football, so anything you care to tell me is helpful.

As always, if you don't see your blog on any blogrolls, feel free to drop me a line, and you'll be added...provided you aren't some random, insulting spam type site.

If you are looking for actual Wild news and analysis on a regular basis, I would advise you to turn to my fellow Wild bloggers, as they are not slackers like me.


k.m.stiles said...

if there's room for another fantasy football team, let me know, 'cause i'd love to play.

elise said...

Understandable that you're busy. After all, you need to teach those stubborn children who their real favorite players should be, Morneau and Slowey, and not just Mauer.

Steph said...

I LOVE your angry green squiggles!

(PS stop it, STOP IT, I WILL NOT like this Slowey you speak of. I already like ENOUGH of your damn team. But I will, however, cheer for you to continue trouncing the MFWS in the standings.)

Kirsten said...

kms2-I think the league is full, but I can ask. If it is, I'm thinking about having a HLOG fantasy football league. Would you be in?

Elise-it's true. Those poor misguided children need to be taught the proper people to cheer for, and that there are other players on the team besides Joe Mauer.

Steph-come over to the dark side! You know you want to...Slowey is too awesome. I'll keep working on you about him, just like the kids I work with.

PS, thank you! I like making the bright green squiggles. They bring me endless hours of entertainment and joy.

Cortney said...

Ahhh don't worry about being least you're not slacking during the actual NHL season :-) And I think you should do the 100 things about me posting - I told Elise the same thing...and now you guys have got me thinking....