Sunday, August 24, 2008

100 Things about me, part 3

41.) I love all the seasons, but winter is my favorite. I do enjoy living in a place with all four seasons so I can enjoy them all. Oregon...has two. Rainy and not rainy.

42.) When I pick favorite players, I pick them for life. Unless they turn into big jerks like AJ. Twins fans know what I'm talking about. Anyone talks smack about Parrish, no matter who he's playing for, I will defend him.

43.) I hate watching the news on TV, but I like to read the paper.

44.) Making my bed is my least favorite chore EVER. I don't know why, but I just hate having to do it. I also am not a big fan of folding laundry. Living in a dorm has kind of forced me to do both of these things frequently.

45.) I chew a lot of gum, and I brush my teeth a lot, too. I really like mint, I guess.

46.) I also still wear my retainers once a week. I've had my braces off for almost six years, but as I said before, I was a kid who really needed braces, and I'd cry if my teeth went back to the way they were. That's why I'm willing to put up with the dorkiness of still wearing them.

47.) I have a younger brother, and it's probably a good thing that I only have one sibling.

48.) I'm absolutely terrified of tornados. Even when there is just a drill on a bright, sunny day, I freak out and start thinking of the nearest shelter. As Teebz put it, I go into "total survival mode". It's true, I do.

49.) I don't usually have the attention span to watch a whole movie. I rarely see movies in the theater for this reason, because I like to be able to pause, get up, walk around, and then refocus.

50.) I'm an extreme rock hound. Ever since I was a little kid, I've always filled my pockets/suitcase/drybag/canoe with rocks everywhere I go. When I come back from trips, my mom always expects to see a big pile of them sitting on the floor of my room.

51.) I am generally ok at video games, but I RULE at Mario Kart and Mario Party. One of these days I will become a Guitar Hero.

52.) I don't like to drive. I get less bored driving than I do riding in the car, but that's because I have something I have to focus on. Driving a half hour each way to my internship is not cool.

53.) Even though I generally dislike children, I spent my summer being a naturalist(AKA intern, which I'm pretty sure is a nice way of saying slave) for the Three Rivers Park District. I learned what I don't want to do with my life as a result. Teaching kids about nature tops that list.

54.) I am not capable of napping. I sleep soundly at night, but I can't nap during the daytime. I've asked everyone I know to teach me how to nap, and my brother has been the least helpful with "just lie down or lean against something and close your eyes". Thanks, bro. If that worked, I wouldn't be asking you how to nap, now would I?

55.) I still really enjoy playing with Legos. They are one of the few things from back in the day that I refuse to get rid of. I will probably take them with me when I move out. On second thought, they can stay with my parents until I find space for them, provided they let me do that.

56.) I love pancakes. They are the one thing that is good about Lent, getting pancakes for supper in addition to breakfast on Fridays. Pancakes with strawberries? Basically the best meal ever invented.

57.) I don't eat a lot of fast food. It just doesn't appeal to me. Chipotle is the notable exception to that statement.

58.) Hawaiian shirts really bug me. They should be banned from public unless you are at a party of some sort, and only if they theme specifically calls for them. This could be because my dad has a particularly ugly one.

59.) I would really like to go bungee jumping and sky diving. I would also really like a tattoo. Sadly I have not gotten around to any of these things, but somedayI'll definitely do the first two, but the tattoo will be happen after I finalize the design.

60.) I love to play catch. I will stand outside and throw a ball back and forth for hours. The problem is I have a hard time getting people to play with me. The softball coach is after me to play again, so maybe I'll have the rowing and softball coaches fight it out. After my wrist heals, that is.


Connie said...

Anyone talks smack about Parrish, no matter who he's playing for, I will defend him.

I feel the same way about you-know-who.

Teebz said...

Again, the similarities are frightening.

Are you sure you're not Canadian? ;o)

Cat said...

Mario Party, huh? I've gotten pretty damn good at it, myself. And I'm certain you will be a Guitar Hero soon enough! You just have to master that orange button!

Connie said...

I'll manage your orange button.

Kirsten said...

Connie-I feel for you. That's not a cool situation.

Teebz-I have a birth certificate stamped and sealed by Hennepin County in Minnesota, so I'm pretty sure no, I'm not. Sadly enough. I'm thinking of going to grad school in Montreal, though.

Cat-I beat Guitar Hero on medium, but the orange button defeats me everytime. It's so hard! We will have to have a bit of a video game showdown it looks like.

beth said...

I never took naps when I was younger (from about age 2 until somewhere around 30). Now that I'm "old", I nap often--most often on the bus on the way to work.