Saturday, October 4, 2008

Just like the good old days...almost

This new crop of awesome players reminds me of back in the day when I had like 8 favorite players. Bomber, Walz, Wiemer, Mitchell, Roloson, Bruno, Johnson, and Dupuis. Those were the days. The playoff run, the skills competition, the general good times before I knew we could be better. The Twins were legitimately bomb and had a lot of players I really liked too. The same thing has happened, I miss my old crew, but I've got a new one. Clearly I just have a pattern that I follow with fanship.

For a while most of my favorite players left frequently, and I was hard pressed to find ones that I liked. Walz (obvi) and Parrish filled in nicely, but beyond that I struggled a little bit. The same thing happened with the Twins. When Koskie left, I was heart broken. One by one my boys started leaving me, and I didn't know what to do. To cheer me up, my mom suggested that Justin Morneau might be a good replacement for Koskie, and it went from there.

Now there is a new group of players for me to do the same thing with. Burns, Bouchard, Koivu, Harding, Backstrom, Foster, Bruno (he's back!), Shep, and maybe Gillies (if he turns out to be as Walz like as promised). Burns and Bouchard were here before, but they were just young'uns and I had not yet seen their potential. Now they have grown into their potential and can join the magic circle.

The Twins example goes as follows. Old school: Koskie, Jones, Bradke, AJ (before he became quite so douchey), Eddie G (he's back!) , Silva, and Lew Ford. They were my boys.

In the middle there was Tyner and assorted others who did not stick around.

Now I've got : Redmond, Cuddyer, Morneau, Slowey, Blackburn, Span, Punto, sometimes Harris, and I'm keeping my eye on Buscher.

I miss the good old days with the Twins and Wild, but at the same time, both teams are now infinitely more talented than they were back in the day, so maybe it's good to move on and just remember back in the day fondly. The best part of all this is, Eddie and Bruno are back, though I'm hoping Bruno's return will go better.

Sorry for the nostalgia, I just thought about this today and thought I'd quit slacking off and write a little bit.


elise said...

Gillies is like Walz part 2 and Slowey is (obvs) Bradke part 2!

By the way, I have another story to tell you. I just need to make sure I remember it this time.

Kirsten said...

This is true! Even more connections that I didn't even think of.

Haha, awesome. I have a crapload of homework tomorrow, so I might be floating around gchat.

Cortney said...

Nostalgia = good. Although it does get kind of irritating when your team loses a lot of talent because the GM (ahem, Risebrough...) is terrible at negotiating and spending money because he wants to save everything for one d*mn player.