Sunday, September 30, 2007

HLOG Suckitude Fantasy Draft

Shit. I forgot to do the HLOG suckitude league draft/had other reasons not to be around for it, and I pretty much got a fantasy dream team. Unfortunately that was the opposite of what I was trying to achieve.
This is what Autodraft gave me:

Team Non-Domination
Round Pick Player Position
1.) 8 Dany Heatley RW
2.) 9 Roberto Luongo G
3.) 24 Evgeni Malkin LW
4.) 25 Alexander Ovechkin LW
5.) 40 Jaromir Jagr RW
6.) 41 Jason Spezza C
7.) 56 Vincent Lecavalier C
8.) 57 Dominik Hasek G
9.) 72 Chris Pronger D
10.) 73 Ryan Whitney D
11.) 88 Henrik Lundqvist G
12.) 89 Dan Boyle D
13.) 104 Philippe Boucher D

Whoops. My first matchup appears to be against HG. My money's on her.


KMS2 said...

haha, that's an awesome team. You are definitely going to lose!

Kirsten said...

It's so true it's not even funny.

Bitchany said...

Haha least you didn't steal my Ricky...