Thursday, October 4, 2007

Today's the Day

So I'm kind of bouncing off the walls with energy because I'm so excited for the season to start. Normally I'm dead tired on Thursdays, but hockey has energized me, and I'm even getting things done.
Tonight is the Wild's Home Opener against Chicago. At least two members of my family will be there at the game, and I really hope someone takes me some pictures, or at the very least coughs up their calendar so that I can have it on my wall at school. (I'm looking at you, Jess. You can't even find your walls, so therefore you should fork over the goods!)
I told someone to wear my new Mark Parrish sweater because he needs to feel the love. Sounds like he was ringing quite a few shots off the post during preseason, maybe this extra karma boost will be what he needs to put a puck or three into the net...
If I end up having to go home in two weeks, I would get to see an Avs game at the X if I caught a red-eye back to Oregon Sunday night. It would be pretty sweet, especially since I don't get to see one over winter break. Seeing Joe Sakic would totally make up for any loss of sleep I may have, and I gain two hours flying back west, so it wouldn't be too bad. If I left the Cities at 10 PM and got to Oregon at 2-3 AM, it would only be 12-1 AM, then an hour drive back, then 5 1/2 hours of sleep, for college that's pretty good. I've slept less for worse reasons (like homework).

In other news, it's still raining in Oregon and I 'm cheering for the Cubs to win the World Series.


Bitchany said...

Well my good looks like it's you and I going head to head tonight :)
Go Jackets :)

Kirsten said...

It will be an interesting night.