Friday, October 26, 2007

Whatever it was, I'm sorry

Clearly the citizens of Minnesota have done something to make Alberta's Hockey Gods angry, and angry in a high scoring, soul crushing kind of a way.
First there was Calgary. It all started off so well. We got three goals in the first period, and everything was all hunky dory. Not so much for the Rockies, but I was ok with that as long as the Wild were winning against the Shames so handily. In the second period it all went to hell. The Flames had tied the game by the end of the period, and they added two more in the third to beat the Wild 5-3. It was our first loss in regulation. It sucked, but I figured we'd shake it off and come back and win the next night. I also thought the Rockies would do the same...maybe that was my mistake. Too much optimism.
Last night the Wild faced off against Jarret Stoll, er the Oilers. (Stoll is a center, thus takes faceoffs and lots of them this season...get it? Bad hockey humor, I know.) I had 5 bajillion things to do last night, so I checked in by text mostly. I was less than pleased to find out we were starting off by being down by 2, but yet again I figured they could come back and win it. We'd been there before. Yeah, not so much. It ended up going into a SO, and obviously we ended up losing to Edmonton 5-4. The Rockies also lost...again, and my geology prof is predicting their doom. I haven't given up on them, I believe they can come back and win, and they are in their home field tonight, so that will hopefully help them out somehow.
Brighter notes:
The lecture I went to last night about El Nino, the Andes, and early civilizations in the Americas was extremely interesting and well-presented.
Brent Burns has signed a four-year extension with the Wild.
Mark Parrish had two goals in as many games.
Wes Walz got his first goal of the season.
My fantasy team was awesome. Hemsky (2), Butch, and Rolston all being on my team. Oh and Toskala manged not to suck too horribly while watching his team hand the Pens a nice 5-2 loss.
I got a box full of goodies from the homeland!
I'm getting to watch all of these baseball games without hassle
There is a Wild game on actual TV next week that I can watch!
I saw a great concert last night of a campus accapella group, Headband. They're really good, and I'm happy to say that the replacements for the outgoing seniors are filling their shoes well. There are also two good groups down at the U of O, one male and one female.
The Wild were the last team in the league to lose in regulation!
Less bright notes:
We lost two games to division rivals
The lecture I had to attend today was nowhere near interesting or well-presented. In fact, it was an hour of death. Stupid world geography class.
The Rockies are down by 2.
My room is a mess and I have two exams next week that are going to kill me...(the room being a mess is a good indicator of how stressed and busy I am at the moment)
I just read about how much it's going to cost to keep all the Twin's good players.
Moral of the story: the sports gods are mad at me and annihilating my teams, and they are in league with the school gods and nerve damage gods to annihilate my free time, shoulder/wrist, and sanity.


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Kirsten, I like the new look!

Kirsten said...

Thank you! I decided the other one was kind of hard to read.

Steph-Tell your boy that he needs to pick more appropriate times to score. Like when he's in Detroit.

Steph said...

It looks like my boy can only score every other game - but you know what, I'll take that so long as he keeps putting on the shows he has been during those games.