Sunday, October 14, 2007

And the survey says...yes

The Wild can win on the road. An exciting 3-2 road win over the Coyotes has extended the win streak to 4. *knock on wood* I actually got to watch the game tonight, and I sent a very detailed game recap to the people paying for me to watch the game, but since I'm sure those details would kill all of you with boredom, I'll just do a brief recap here.
I had four games up, so randomly I'll mention other games, too.

First Period:
Gaborik got a goal, and then two Coyotes got goals too. Not ok.
I watched Behind the Mask, and Kelly Hrudey was freaking out a little bit. He talked about the young Oilers a little bit, praising their hockey smarts. He and Scott Oake then moved on to the subject of the recent suspensions, and Tootoo came up. Hrudey says that Tootoo is a disgrace to the game, and he feels that Tootoo should not be allowed back on the ice again. He hopes that someday he gets forced out of the game, because he believes that many of his hits are dirty with intent to injure. He was very worked up about this, and even went all Don Cherry on Scott Oake.
Second Period:
Pretty boring period overall. A couple of penalties and a lot of turnovers. The Wild were very much out-skated.
I got bored during intermission, so I flipped to the Avs game and listened to the announcers talk about how amazing and godly Joe Sakic is. Congrats to him on his 15th career hat trick. It's nice to see Sakic getting a bajillion goals on someone else's team for a change. (Ok, so with 614 goals, clearly we are not the only team he has beaten up on over time, but he has the most goals against the Wild of anyone in the NHL.) Avs beat the crap out of Columbus. I tried to watch the Oilers game for a bit, but that didn't go too well for me. Sharks lost 2-1 to Boston. I didn't pay a whole lot of attention to that game.
Third Period:
The second half of the third period is when things started to get good. The Wild lost control of their tight dicipline a little bit, but Mikko Koivu bailed us out by getting a shorthanded goal. Gaborik, yeah Gaborik was in the box for roughing of all things. Clearly he and Hemsky need to learn that they are not tough enough to get into a fight without getting killed. Teammates came and saved him from certain death. Then Belanger got a goal on a nice rebound. Auld went to his right, puck came out to his left and Belanger jammed it in. Couple more penalties at the end of the game, and JL looked pissed about that. Shane Doan completely blindsided Brent Burns who dropped the gloves, but managed not to get a penalty.

Overall the Wild were outworked, and they didn't deserve this win, but obviously I'm glad they won. The dicipline started to slip later in the game, and a couple of players *coughGaborik&Fostercough* took some stupid penalties. Foster really needs to stop shoving people into the goalie. Specifically his own goalie.

Up Next: Anaheim tomorrow at 7 CST and 5 Pacific time
Ridiculously speedy Scott Niedermayer won't be there, as well as the Finnish Flash. Penner is up in Edmonton having good hockey sense with Gagner and Cogliano. Other than that the team has remained largely the same, so we'll see what happens.
Finny and Cassie will be representing for the Ducks over at Girl With A Puck and Anaheim Duck Fan respectively. (See sidebar for links)


Sherry said...

Your winning streak is clearly more superior than our winning streak :P

KMS2 said...

Beware, Kirsten. My craptacular Kings are coming after your Wild. We want Demitra back!!

Finny said...

actually, I will be at the Kings-Wild game tonight... how crazy, huh? A duck fan will be in the midst!!! I better tell kms2.


you know, despite me absolutely hating derek boogaard, you guys have a solid team this year... AND can I just say, yes, your goalie rocked when we played against him. I'd actually like to him play again (but not against my ducks)... *and*... omg. i heart keith carney. i am so glad he fit well into your group.

my kings fan friends say you're going to slaughter them on ice tonight... *sigh* what fun.

Kirsten said...

I'm sad about the game last night, I'm not gonna lie, but at least we didn't lose to a team that I loathe.
Finny-that's awesome. If you took any should let me know. I love Carney. He is mentoring Brent Burns! Josh Harding is pretty much awesome. My brother has a HUGE man-crush on him.

Anonymous said...

Kelly Hrudey is an idiot puckbag, why do they always ask the goalies what they think? They don't know. Trust me, I'm a goalie.

Tootoo's great.

He is;
Cheers from the Northwestern Ontario contingent of Wild fans.

Kirsten said...

I'm not a fan of Tootoo, but to each their own.

Welcome to my corner of the blogosphere.