Saturday, October 6, 2007

Post game/pre-game

Taken of the opening of the game at the Xcel Energy Center

So I forgot to do a post game anything for the last game, since I was too excited that they managed to win to remember. The didn't play well at all (specifically the top line combined for 2 shots on the night), but I'm sure Lemaire yelled at them and it will be all better tonight when we play Columbus. According to the Blue Jacket's website, they are 3-7-2 all time in Minnesota. That's a stat I like.
Looks like Adam Foote is going to be around tonight (which is cool, I like him, but he does like to team my team apart limb from limb), but Mike Peca and Derek Dorsett (Yay Medicine Hat!) will not be, since they're on the IR.
A random PS to whoever writes the Jackets pre-game need to make them more interesting somehow.
Bitchany,writer of "Bethany's Hockey Rants" and leader of the Blue Jackets fans, has already predicted that the Wild will lose. Bring it on! We can so take you, even if you do have Rick Nash.
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Bitchany said...

Haha check out
He's all about pre-game post and he's pretty interesting and likes to make fun of me in his posts so ya know haha...