Thursday, October 11, 2007

I know it's too early but....

I'm stoked anyway! 3-0!

Backstrom was AWESOME even though Jarret Stoll was trying to kill him, posting his second shutout in three games. Mike W, over at Covered in Oil, said the Wild played "a tactically brilliant game in the neutral zone", and MacT was slightly cranky (either about the game or the questions the press was asking, maybe both) after the game last night. He has a right to be since we have beaten the Oilers 13 of the last 16 times that we have played them. Boogaard didn't play very much last night, so that should make MacT a little bit happier.

Steph has promised to forgive the Wild beating the Oilers if the Wings won, and fortunately for me, the Wings did win. Thanks guys, also thank you for beating a division rival. That's always helpful.

Up Next: Pheonix on the road. Now it's time for the Wild to show that they can win on the road. The head coach of the St. Louis Blues, Andy Murray, claims not to swear. I don't think that is a claim that Coach Gretzky can truthfully make at this time. Watching Pheonix games always makes me miss smiling Wayne Gretzky. I have to say though, if I were icing Shane Doan + the AHL, I'd be cranky too.

Tracy at True Coyote Love, and Monique over at Hip Shot Blog will have the Coyote's take on things.

I get to use the online Centre Ice package this weekend, so I get to watch this game, and the next game vs. Anaheim if I'm lucky. I'll actually have a real post-game write up! Whoo! Yay road trip!


Steph said... I'm getting cranky about all these Oilers losses. Don't expect me to be so lenient next time if they don't shape up soon!

(And Boogaard not playing a whole lot made ME happy. Not only did I not have to worry about Ales getting creamed, but I didn't have to keep thinking about the those glasses...)

Kirsten said...

Me too. I can understand that. I expect we aren't the only ones getting cranky about these Oilers losses. Kelly Hrudey seems to think the young guys are doing really well, though, and that they have good hockey sense.
Wild TV has a new interview up with Koivu, you should check it out. That will take your mind off the glasses and creaming of Hemsky.

Steph said...

The kids do look good - I remember watching Andrew Cogliano all last year with U of M and thinking he was so outclassing everyone else on the ice with him. Looks like I was right. Of course, it does not seem to be helping the Oilers as much as it needs to be...grrr.

Ooooh, sounds like a plan! I'll let you know how this affects my opinion of your team :P