Sunday, October 28, 2007

Wild, Wild Northwest

Except it's not so Wild right now since we have lost three in a row to division rivals. Ooops. They really need to stop that if they want to make the playoffs. Kind of like the Twins absolutely sucked against division rivals this past season and therefore didn't make it. In order to stay on top of the division, it is necessary to grind the division into pulp and make them feel bad themselves. Clearly that is a lesson that still needs to be learned in Minnesota.

Last night's loss to Colorado disappointed me. Sure we may have been without our number one goalie, and Gaborik and his "special friend", but that doesn't mean our entire team should fall apart. In fact, the Wild had been doing quite well scoring without the help of Demitra and Gaborik. Harding is a competent goalie on his way to proving he can be a number one.

Whatever, we lost 3-1 to Joe Sakic and Ryan Smyth. Smyth had a goal and an assist, and Sakic had a pair of assists. Wolski added an insurance goal late in the game, and my fantasy team did well overall because of this. I had 7-8 players playing in that game. 7 normally, 8 if you count Backstrom who didn't actually play.

On a side note, I hear Grapes called Jagr out for whining about missing Nylander. If anyone finds the video clip of that, I'd be much obliged. Maybe I'll check and see if Antti over on the boards has it up.

Also, go Oilers! Yay for beating the Ducks in a SO and making Giguere sulk. He's quite the poor sport about losing. It makes me giggle. Props to Gagner and Hemsky for getting goals in the SO.

Tomorrow night we play the Pens at 6 PM CST and 4 PM Pacific time. It's on VS, which is a channel the school actually gets, so I'll be watching the game on TV with Dillon, who is a Pens fan. He doesn't get as mean as I do about the other teams when we are playing them, so it will be interesting to see how shocked he gets. Something may be up about the game at some point over at No Pun Intended (see sidebar) from the Pens perspective. The Pens recently lost to both the Leafs and Habs, so they might be irritated about that, but the Wild have just lost three in a row to division rivals, so they had better be pissed about that. May the most pissed off team win!


Nick in New York said...

Tomorrow's game will be a very good barometer for whether or not the boys can get back to the kind of defense that we have to play to win games. They will be tested, that's for sure.

CKim said...

I don't know why it's taken me this long to find my way over here. But here I am and I'm hoping Gaborik helps my fantasy team out! I actually think he's been on some of my teams in the past and I remember him doing well.

Kirsten said...

NiNY-good call. We'll see how they do with Sidney "everyone but Kirsten thinks I'm the next one" Crosby and Staal, Malkin, etc. Hopefully they will step it up and Skoula will stop being stupid.

ckim-welcome! I hope Gaborik and Demitra (because neither will play without the other playing) get better soon, both for your team and mine. When he's hot, he's on fire, and when he's cold, glaciers score more goals.

Steph said...

I don't remember the exact quote, but I do distinctly remember that Cherry called Nylander Jagr's boyfriend, which had me cracking up. If I see the clip turn up anywhere (which, with a comment like that, I wouldn't be surprised) I'll toss it your way.

Meanwhile, there are happy Wild boys on my TV right now because VS is showing a spot on the game tomorrow, and I have to admit...I just made a squeaky happy noise over Koivu. Uhhh.

KMS2 said...

"special friend"

awwww....I like to call him the "stone cold assassin"!

Kirsten said...

Steph-That's cause Koivu is awesome. Partially because pancakes are his favorite food...

kms2-here he is only the "stone cold assassin" when he gets to play with Gaborik. If the other one isn't on the ice, they both play like crap and sulk. I can't imagine the drama if Lemaire decided to put them on seperate lines.

Steph said...

Seriously, pancakes?

That just escalated him to a new level of adorable.