Saturday, November 3, 2007

Wild Vs. Shames sort of liveblogging

Whoo, I finally have time to watch a game!
1st period:
Not a lot happens except for Parrish stuck his butt in Kipper's face. Rolston tees up, and GOAL!
1-0 Wild end of the first.

Switching over to HNIC and watching Hot Stove.
Talking about Montreal this year without Souray and what they've done. Sounds like they feel Montreal did a good thing in letting him go.
Hey, Ron is there!

Feed died, but my mom and Courtney are telling me what's going on. Yay for friends in Canada and parents with Centre Ice!
Fight! Stupid Phaneuf, stop hitting Parrish from behind. That's the second time you've done that! Caused a fight both times.
In the mean time I was watching the Habs/ Leafs game, but the Wild game is back.
Gaborik scores!
Courtney and I have decided that Koivu is becoming a fan favorite, and with good reason!
Iginla scores. Wild fans burn him in effigy.

Feed dies several times.
Gaborik scores!
Hey look. Skoula just turned over the puck. Why does Lemaire like him so much?
Radivojevic scores!
Foster got into an embarassing fight.

Final: 4-1 Wild! WHOO! We finally stopped sucking!

I learned that Centre Ice online is about 15 seconds behind Centre Ice on TV or maybe she was just watching regular FSN North.
Habs winthe Early Game vs the Leafs!
I'm almost cheering for the Canucks in the Late Game, cause they are lower in the standings, but the Avs have Joe Sakic...
Andrew Brunette will be on After Hours! Woot! I love HNIC.
I may put up something better later, but my arm is killing me right now.

Edit: I'm aware that we played the Blues and Pens this past week, but I just don't want to talk about it.


KMS2 said...

You may have already wrote about this, but did you pay for Centre Ice online? Is the quality better than the live games on Yahoo?

Kirsten said...

Yeah, since my parents have the Centre Ice package for their Satallite dish, it was $75 dollars for the online version. I think the quality of the games is pretty good until you go full screen, then it gets a little sketchy, but it's still not that bad. I haven't watched a game on Yahoo yet this season, but I will do so and get back to you with a comparison. In fact, I may just make a post about it.