Sunday, November 18, 2007

Wild Blogosphere

This is just a field guide to Wild bloggers, especially since the Wild Blogosphere has expanded recently (myself included, I'm still new). If I forgot anyone, please let me know! Note: All of these blogs can be found in my sidebar.

Russo's Rants
Michael Russo is the Wild beat writer for the Minneapolis Star Tribune, but he also maintains a blog on the Strib's website. He usually has a lot of inside information and insight, so any fantasy owners with Wild players on their team will want to check this one out.

Hitting the Post
Nick in New York usually posts about every game, and decides who was the dud and stud for the games. He has many more stats in his posts than I do, so if you are a stats person, Nick is your man.

Maggie blogs when she can, and is a season ticket holder for the Wild, so she often has pictures and live reactions up. She also blogs about her latest knitting projects.

Wild Puck Banter
Another one that blogs when he can, covers hockey in Minnesota outside of the Wild in addition to writing about recent Wild happenings. Usually has a poll up of the entertaining variety.

Casual Wild Guide
This is the Wild blog I go to for sheer entertainment. This blog is much more satirical than the rest of us. There are always entertaining visuals in the form of pictures and video clips floating around, and to me it's a Wild form of Sportsquee.

Today's game: Wild are playing the Avs, which makes me cringe just thinking about it. Especially considering how we have played the last week/it's the Avs and they are rolling. I have a lab report to write up with a group, so I'll miss the first part of the game, but hopefully I'll be able to catch the last two periods and have some sort of post game. Here's to hoping that Sakic and Sakic Jr. have horrible games!

CFL note: The Bombers play the Argos today....if they win, it's on to the Grey Cup! Lions play the Riders afterwards, but that is not nearly as important.

EDIT: According to TSN, the Wild are back on top of the division and third in the west!!!


Maggie said...

Woohoo! Wild win 4-1. The line of Voros-Sheppard-Foy played their hearts out. Goal and an assist for Foy, 2 assists for Sheppard, goal for Voros. Joshie was on fire! I hear Ohlund got a 4 game suspension. Serves him right.

CKim said...

Damn, your boys won 4-1. Nice.

P.S. Erging is soooooooo bad.... ha...ha....

Kirsten said...

I know! WE WON!!!! AGAINST A DIVISION RIVAL! I can't believe it, I'm so excited.

Erging needs to die. My coach is in love with erging, which most of the team finds to be a major problem.

CKim said...

oh, hahah, I meant to say that erging WASN'T so bad. haha, Just remember to breathe and think connection. =)

Oh, and I'm totally going to the Kings/Minny game on Dec 15. I'm exciiiiiiiited. I'll let you know how it goes.

CKim said...

So I just went to the NHLPA website and their player of the day is Eric Belanger in a Kings jersey. Haven't they taken a picture of him in a Minny jersey yet? haha. I don't know why that made me laugh. His hair also isn't in the usual faux-hawk.

Teebz said...

YES! Bombers win!

Oh, and congrats to the Wild too. :o)

Kirsten said...

WHOO! Bombers/Riders Grey Cup! Go Bombers Go!

Ckim-yeah, as soon as my shoulder heals I'll be back on the erg trying to work on my connection and not over-compressing. Awesome, I look forward to hearing your take on the game! I know we took a picture of Belanger in a Wild uniform...I'll look for it and post it on your blog. The first Wild game I get to go to is on the 20th of December vs. the Rangers.