Monday, November 26, 2007

Time Flies

Time flies when you're having fun/stressing about a million things that you need to do before you leave school in less than three weeks...Thanksgiving weekend was super short. I have no idea where it went. That's fitting, because I have no idea what happened in the world outside Seattle, either.

Many things seem to have happened while I was hiding in Seattle and attempting to de-stress. I stuffed my face, avoided doing any homework, and watched a lot of mindless TV and movies. While I was "relaxing" my sports world was turned upside down.

The fantastic: Torii Hunter is now an Angel. So long! Hopefully now I won't have to hear you complaining every five seconds. I hope Justin Morneau hits a bunch of homers just over his head and makes him look really bad.

The good: The Yankees haven't managed to get their filthy paws on Johan Santana, and it's going to stay that way. The Wild won in Nashville on Saturday. That's also good news. Hopefully it means we don't completely suck.

The Bad: They haven't been playing well, and injuries are killing the Wild. I also read on TSN that we are no longer in the top 8. Crap!

The Ugly: Wes Walz is still MIA. We need him badly right now. MacT was talking about how he was happy when they got Mike Peca (2005), because the Oilers would finally have someone to play against Walz. He also talked about how he still appears to have all the skills, and he should worry about not being able to stop Malkin and Crobsy because " Heck, there might only be eight coaches left if we all decided we couldn't coach against Crosby and Malkin". Listen to MacT, come back, Walzy!

The Beyond ugly: The Riders beat the Bombers for the Grey Cup. I don't want to talk about it.

The WTF: Fedoruk? Why'd we get him? I'm still really confused about that one.


Jibblescribbits said...

Didn't Columbus get Peca?

Kirsten said...

Yes, they did. He's referring to the 2005-2006 season. I'll clarify that, thanks.

Maggie said...

At least you don't need to worry about getting beaten up at Twins games now.

Kirsten said...

An excellent point. This happened more than once, too. Oops. Justing Morneau should appreciate my support.

Teebz said...

Damn those green Riders. Damn them all back to, Saskatchewan. :o)

Kirsten said...

Same thing, right? Next year. We will crush them next year.