Friday, November 9, 2007

Around the NHL

Since nothing is happening on the Wild front his week due to having so much time off, I'm having to resort to all those TSN headlines that are in my inbox every day.

1.) Mark Messier is quite possible the douchiest (sp?) looking person I've ever seen.

2.) Go Kings! Way to school the Stars, highly exciting game at the end I hear.

3.) Goilers! Nothing like a Battle of Alberta for the late game, but I find I like it much better when the Oilers win. Now if only they didn't have to spoil it all by having Theo Fleury as the guest on After Hours...

4.) Someone in the Leafs organization is going to get fired very soon, and I strongly suspect JFJ is in the hot seat.

5.) Scott Niedermayer is skating again. The way I see it, there are three possibilities: A.) He misses hockey because he loves the game and wants to keep playing. B.) He really enjoys playing mind games with people. C.) His wife is driving him nuts and he wants to play again so he can go on road trips and get away.

6.) Don Cherry ripped into Sean Avery! It was on this past Saturday's Coach's Corner. I just went hunting for it on You Tube.

7.) HHOF inductions are tomorrow. Congratulations to the four inductees Messier (it kills me to say that), Francis, MacInnis (probably my fave of the four), and Stevens. TSN has tons of stuff about all of these guys, videos, articles, polls, and the like.

8.) Speaking of douchey people, JR got his 500th goal.

9.) Lindros FINALLY announced his retirement.

10.) Joe Sakic continues to prove Margee right that he's still got it.

Week preview: Since I probably won't have time to write up a game preview for each of the games this upcoming week, I will write a few thoughts on each now. We play our entire division on the road in one week, and then we'll be finishing up with the Avs at home.

Wild Vs. Avs: They have stolen our division crown, but we are only one point behind them. Backstrom being able to play tonight will be key. He is a beast in net for us against the Avs. Unfortunately it sounds like he tweaked his groin again. Hopefully he's just lazy and was using it as an excuse to get out of practice or something. This is a team I find it really hard to hate, in fact, I almost sort of like them a little bit. What is it with me and finding things to like about division rivals?

The remaining three teams we will be playing this week are out of the playoffs as of now. Dude, what happened to our division?

Tuesday-Wild vs. Flames: We destroyed them a week and some change ago, and I'm looking for a repeat performance. The Flames have been fairly horrible lately, a fact that makes me a little bit giddy. Neener neener. That's what you guys get for hiring Iron Mike.

Thursday-Wild vs. Oilers: This game depends on whether or not they can stay out of the box. They were hurting last night when they had Staios AND Stoll in the box at the same time. Their defence is still looking thin missing Souray and now Greene. They need Roli/Garon/the stickboy to really be solid in net for them to give the struggling defence a chance. I'm liking what Gagner has been bringing.

Friday-Wild vs. Canucks: They were supposed to win in regulation last night so we'd be tied with the Avs, not behind them. The Canucks are not living up to expectations at the moment at 11th in the conference. Ouch, but I'll take it. It's a back to back game, so it will be a battle of the scraggly haired goalies with too much grease in their hair, unless Lemaire decides to play Harding against the Oilers and Backstrom against the Canucks, but Backstrom absolutely destroys the Oilers in a way that must be heartwarming to the Avs.


Steph said...

Please tell me you saw Darcy take Avery on Saturday night.

Kirsten said...

Yes, yes I did. It was awesome, even if Avery is the biggest pussy ever. Did you see Tucker rip into him in that interview? It's on You Tube somewhere, I'll look for it.

Steph said...

I had JUST gotten home, turned on my TV, and there was Darcy, ripping him a new one. And I did! That face he made when he was like, "It's never" over."? Sigh. I love that you love him. No one else understands.

CKim said...

Man, I was JUST about to comment on Avery and Darcy! Avery is a freaking goon. And I want to see this interview!

Kirsten said...

There is the link to Don Cherry calling Avery out, but I can't find the interview where Tucker does. I'll keep looking.

Steph-Don Cherry can join our club of Tucker love.

KMS2 said...

Mark Messier is quite possible the douchiest (sp?) looking person I've ever seen.

Hahahaha!! He really is! I always want to hate him but whenever I hear him speak I don't think he's all that bad.

Man...I wish Avery was still with the Kings. Does that make me a bad person?

Kirsten said...

I'm mostly indifferent to him, but I wish he'd go and cry somewhere I didn't have to look at him!

Not necessarily bad per say, just different.