Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Be careful what you wish for I guess

So remember in my last post how I complained that there was no Wild hockey? Now that there is, I sort of wish there wasn't. Why do we have to suck right now? Isn't it bad enough that ALL of my fantasy teams sucked last week? I have different players on all of them! What's wrong???

Avs: Paul Statsny has been billed as a possible Sakic Jr. and now I know why. He had a pair of goals against us Sunday night. Sakic only picked up an assist. Peter Statsny, Paul's father, was a mentor to Sakic way back in the day, and now Sakic is returning the favor by teaching his son all he knows about Wild killing.

Shames: My boy Koivu (who I just picked up for my struggling fantasy team) had a pair of goals, actually the only goals against the Shames. I was busy and missed most of the game, but it sounds like they played like crap the entire time, not just the part I saw, so I clearly didn't miss much. Husileus had a very late goal to end it.

Hopefully the boys newly in red will find a way to stop the bleeding. This isn't that pirate joke where the captain says "bring me my red shirt" but why Captain? " so that the crew will not see me bleed and have fear for me". If you guys don't start playing better, I'm going to need someone to bring me my brown pants. Bonus points for anyone who knows that joke!

On a final note, Avery and Tucker were both fined for their actions on Saturday night.


KMS2 said...

I'm in utter awe of Paul Statsny. All last season I refused to believe that he was as good as the analysts were saying he was probably but I finally bit the bullet and added him to my fantasy team this year.

Nick in New York said...

that joke is a classic!

Maggie said...

Stasny was picked something like 40 picks after your "buddy" Benoit Pouliot. Makes me want to scream!

Kirsten said...

kms2-Me too! I refused to believe that he was that good, but once he started drawing comparisons to Sakic, I started paying attention to him a bit more.

NINY-I love it. One of my favorites. Good on you for knowing it.

Great. Good job DR, way to call that one.