Sunday, October 21, 2007

Catching up on the last week

It's mid-term time at Willamette, so I've been extremely swamped lately.

Last week we played Anaheim and won 2-0, extending our winning streak longer than any other team in the league. (I don't know if it was longer in terms of games, but longer in terms of time.) Josh Harding turned a few heads by proving to Anaheim that he exists, and that he's good. Not so surprising now that I picked him for my team, is it?
Then we played the LA Kings on Tuesday, and we lost 4-3, in a shoot out. How stupid is that? Whatever, we came back to win yesterday against the St. Louis Blues. Wild's record is now 6-1, and they play division rival Colorado tonight (finally, some teams in our division). Technically the game is on right now...but I'm studying for my world geography exam and writing a French essay, so I probably won't be turning the game on for a bit yet.
He's still amazing and godly even while playing my team, I'm just not supposed to admit to that fact. I'm pretty sure he won all those trophys by owning my team.

Joe Sakic is in town padding his stats some more, and in one of my fantasy leagues, I have seven players involved in the Wild/Avs game. Sakic is on my team, but I'd like him to not dominate my team like he usually does, because the Avs are right behind us in the division. The big question of the night is, will Andrew Brunette be able to trick Wes Walz into giving him the puck twice? It worked before, but Walz might be a bit more wary this time of the crafty Brunette.
In other bad news, the Wild are going to Calgary on Wednesday to face Jerome Iginla and those other guys. Iginla is second behind Sakic in points scored against the Wild. Good times. Phaneuf should prepare to get owned by Boogaard again if he decides to try anything stupid, and I look forward to Warrener having something entertaining to say. I will also be grilling Courtney to see if her loyalties lie with Minnesota, or Matthew Lombardi, although it's possible that I don't want to know the answer to that.
For those of you that do not read Hot Oil or No Pun Intended regularly, you should check out the Oilers website(and you should also start reading those blogs! Hot Oil is having a Hot-off right now!)...they have the new pictures up. This year is the year of smiling it looks like. Staios is smiling like someone farted, and Jarret Stoll is proving that he still has some teeth left. There are also some awful ones, but I'll let you find that out for yourself.


Steph said...

Haha I'm glad you figured out what clearly happened when that picture of Staios was taken - how accurate!

I'm still just on a Hemsky-looks-like-a-real-human-being-this-year high.

(Also, how beautiful is it to see the Tribe failing so msierably right now? If I didn't love the Sox before, I would certainly right now.)

KMS2 said...

Not so surprising now that I picked him for my team, is it?

Seriously, when you picked him several of us said, "WHO??" You were so sneaky...

Kirsten said...

Steph-Hemsky does look human this year, it's definitely an improvement.
YAY for the Tribe failing miserably at life. Too bad they couldn't have done that a bit sooner.

kms2-I will never be able to pull that off ever again. Most of the league didn't know who Josh Harding was until this year. Now his cover has been blown.

Maggie said...

Nicer picture of Roli this year-doesn't look either stoned or hypnotized anymore.

Wild win 3-2 and only 1 assist for Cap'n Joe. Bruno gets a goal lurking at the side of the net and Demitra fails to do so in a very similiar fashion. We want Bruno back!

We missed the beginning of warmups and JS was gone by the time I saw them. I did send along a greeting when he came out for his first shift of the game.

There is something absolutely wrong about seeing Ryan Smyth in an Avs sweater.

Steph said...

It makes me so happy every time I go to the website and see him sitting there looking all...not twelve.

And while I would have liked to see them fail earlier on...I also liked seeing them fail three times in a row to put the Sox away. So nice to see them suffer!

And Maggie, there is something really painful about seeing Smyth in an Av's sweater. Sigh.

Kirsten said...

Ryan Smyth should NOT be wearing that sweater. Oilers Nation and I were dicussing this last night.

Now he looks 13...
I just like seeing them fail in general. Go Rockies!

Anonymous said...

It's surreal here at your blog, everything's in order except that everyone is a girl and seemingly an American girl.

ie NOT a sausagefest.

Yeah Burnaby Joe, ladykiller scholar and gentleman, he's still got it. By now I think he's just addicted to the sound of the inside of the goalpost.

Don't worry about the Flamers, the first period'll tell all, I figure. Calgary's been breathing down their neck, they'll want it bad but they'll slip up again.

Kirsten said...

Maybe it's actually the new order.

That he does. I don't expect him to have another 100 point season, but who knows. He's doing pretty well thus far with a hat trick already.
There is nothing I like to see more than the Shames choking. I hope I get the chance tomorrow.

Finny said...

Not so surprising now that I picked him for my team, is it?

i missed out (again) on the fantasy team festivities. but, really, when we here in Anaheim saw the starting lineup, we were like, 'WHO THE HECK IS JOSH HARDING?!'... there might've been some unholy references to a certain figure skater being a distant relation, but I think most of us were just frustated that we couldn't get a puck past him. (i was kidding, about the figure skater thing, btw.)

as for the kings game... I totally went to that game. Hahaha... why on earth would an anaheim blogger attend a kings-wild matchup? Um. Cuz the tickets were free. That's why. =) And they were SWEET. But whatever. Decent game, picked up more speed after the first. I was surprised, but not so surprised, when the Kings took the win. I kind of thought if they could survive til the SO, they'd take it...

But, you guys are steamrollin'. Keep it going & good luck.

Kirsten said...

Free is good. I'll go to almost any sports match if the tickets are free. Yay college.
Thanks! I'm super stoked about this season.
Even though you missed the fantasy wagon, I could really use a fantasy advisor apparently, since I'm not so good at this. Any input you have would be extremely welcome.

Finny said...

i dont even consider myself halfway decent. i hardly ever check my teams hahahahah... i basically use the guides put out by tsn and draft accordingly. then if i happen to find an article that says, "so-and-so is presently uber-hot and a great pick up for your f-team", then I drop someone and pick 'im up. ahahaha if i remember. then i go through and schedule my players for the whole month. hahaha if someone's injured, i then go back and bench or drop them depending.

that's about it. i dont even know how to play. hahahaha.

Kirsten said...

Bummer. That's about what I do. This week it seems to be working for some crazy miracle.