Thursday, May 15, 2008

Sports confessional

I have some confessions to make to you all. This past sports season has brought many changes to my hatreds both past and present.

1.) I no longer hate the Stars the same way I used to. I blame this on Cat (Untypical Girls), Caitlin (Untypical Girls/Hockey Coma) and Jen (Untypical Girls/The Shootout). This all started when I read their hilarious blog post about Baby Hockey Jesus, as they are the originators of the rituals, I just perpetuate them. After that, I was hooked. Chatting with Cat and Caitlin has showed me that not all Stars fans are evil, and that there are even things to like about their favorite hockey team. Way to go ladies, I didn't think anyone would ever be able to accomplish this. PS, don't even try to get me to like Modano. That will NEVER happen.

2.) Vincent Lecavalier is much smarter/less shallow than I previously gave him credit for. I always thought he didn't look too bright, but the more I hear him interviewed and see him in the community, he does good work, and his English and French grammar are both impeccable, and he gives intelligent answers. Mr. Beliveau gave his approval of him, and who am I to argue with the great Jean Beliveau?

3.) I no longer hate the Red Wings as completely as I used to. Steph, I'm looking at you, you big jerk. You convinced me to like them just a little bit, and ugh. Now I even would be ok with them winning the Stanley Cup. What's next? Same thing goes for Chelios as for Modano. I will never like him. PPS, Sakic is better than Yzerman.

4.) I was also wrong about Brent Burns, Mikko Koivu, Brian Rolston, Mathieu Garon, Marty Turco, Marcus Naslund, I'm sure the list goes on. Basically my prediction skills are sketchy at best, and I tend to be harsh on those who do not garner my instant affection (ie: Marian Gaborik), and I'm especially mean to those who abuse my adoration (Ryan Smyth).

5.) I still hate the Ducks, a lot. I'm even managing to think that Scott Niedermayer is a giant bag of douche, but that breaks my heart since I love to watch him play. I like Andy McDonald. I even liked him when he played for the Ducks.

Any confessions of your own to make? Everyone's squees and secret loves are safe here.


Mitch said...

Chelios. Dude. Please retire soon. I went to the University of Wisconsin with you. Every time I hear your name I realize how old I'm getting.....

elise said...

1) I can't look at Vinny the same way thanks to Margee (same goes for some other players, too.)

2) I really like the Kings.

3) I also don't hate the Ducks as much anymore (I blame this on Ryan Carter, I just adore him, I don't know how it happened.)

4) As for squees/loves, we all know who mine go to so we don't really need to get into that.

Connie said...

Have you seen The Rocket? With Vinny as Jean Beliveau. What a dreamboat.

Elise, you must hate the Ducks. It's not okay for you to really like the Kings and be okay with the Ducks. My roster is brimming over with the cute factor anyway! The Ducks are old and tired.

I have nothing to confess... at least off the top of my head.

Kirsten said...

mitch-for real. He and my parents are the same age, and I'm not okay with that.

Elise-the Kings and Margee are awesome. Half of the sports I watch now are colored by her posts. I can't watch sports with a straight face any more it would seem.

ckim-The Rocket is one of my favorite movies! I get to use my mad French skillz. It's pretty cool that Vinny gets to play Jean Beliveau, AKA the coolest hockey player EVER. You guys have Bernier and Blake. That settles it in my mind, Special Nieds or no.

elise said...

ckim - it's not really that I don't hate the Ducks (because I do), it's more that I have a weird love for Ryan Carter who happens to play for the Ducks.

Connie said...

Kirsten - Aww bernier! I'm super excited for him... in life. I'm not sure how happy I was to see Avery in the movie. But he played the role well and I guess that's what happens when you have and agent AND a publicist.

Elise - Haha, I can handle a weird love. That's fine.

Oh, and I changed my display name. You can call me Connie now! =P