Thursday, May 8, 2008

Twins update and third round predictions

A friend of mine emailed this picture to me, and it makes me giggle.
The Twins just lost to the White Sox, allowing them to take 2 out of 3 in the first series I've been able to watch. Slowey had 4 1/2 great innings in his first outing since April 3rd. Joe Mauer did not trip over the base and eat it, but he did have a pretty good series, since every time I turned around he was on base.

Justin Morneau did not do as well as Mauer, but he advanced the runners quite a bit and made their outfield look stupid at least twice.

Redmond played yesterday and it was awesome. I love Red. Cuddy did well for himself and made several great plays in the field.

New dudes: I got to see some of the new players play, and beyond CGo hitting for the cycle yesterday, I was not really impressed. Young didn't impress me either, but I really liked Tolbert, and Harris, Everett, and Lamb seem fairly competent.

Nick Punto (is not a new dude) managed to save his own skin yesterday after making a glaring mistake at the play, he turned in a career high 5 RBIs.

Don't forget to vote for the MLB All-Star game! I always vote like mad and never watch the game, but you should still go and vote for your favorite players, or if you don't have any, my favorite players.

Third Round:
Stars vs. Red Wings:
Red Wings in 6. I don't really see how the Wings will not win this series, sorry Stars fans/Matt Niskanen.
Flyers vs. Pens:
Everyone knows how much I like both of these teams, but sadly one of them has to win. The Flyers might just take the Pens apart with their imitation of the Broad Street Bullies, so I say Flyers in 7 games.


J. said...

Love the Twins talk sister! I may have to hijack my own blog with a little Twins talk...

Kirsten said...

You should! I gather that you're a pretty big Twins fan, I'd love to hear your thoughts on the team. I'm doing my best to figure out what I've missed thus far this season and figure out who all the new guys are.

Steph said...

The White Sox are scary this year, I really don't like it, given their propensity to kick our asses already.

I could go for Wings/Flyers again in the finals......

Cat said...

Hmm, even after last night's game, I still think the Stars CAN win this series. Whether they WILL or not is hard to say, obviously, but they have the talent to...Although you wouldn't know it if you watched them last night, man.

All I know is that I HATE the Flyers (except Derian Hatcher, who I'm neutral-leaning-to-like on), so I'm rooting for Pittsburgh. Flower FTW!

Kirsten said...

Steph-I know! What happened to them being really, really horrible? I miss that time.

Flyers/Red Wings could get violent. I like it.

Cat-The Stars improved and didn't look quite as bad as they did during game 1.

UGH. The Penguins make me want to barf, even though I am looking forward to what Sidney Crosby has to say about everyone talking about Malkin.

Kirsten said...
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