Thursday, May 1, 2008

The offseason is lame

So I always try really hard to get into the offseason, promise myself I'll look up who is going to be drafted, try and play armchair GM, etc. This never actually happens, and this offseason is no exception. I've been following the Habs series closely, but beyond that...not so much. I'm sure many wonderful and interesting things will happen this offseason, and I just won't know about it until September. I guess this will give me time to write the epic adventures of Zetterdouche and Trianglehead to entertain the newly graduated Steph.

It's almost time for me to officially start paying attention to baseball, so let's see if I can name one thing that I know about each positional player on the team.
Joe Mauer: He runs like he has a pole up his butt, and he tripped over first base and completely ate it.
Justin Morneau: He's a beast. That's all you need to know.
Michael Cuddyer: Has a cannon of an arm.
Gomez: He's young, maybe 22?
Young: Isn't he the dude that hit an umpire with a bat?
I have no idea who is playing third, second, or shortstop

Trying to name something about eveyone just resulted in epic failure. I suck.


elise said...

Slowey: Baby Bradke. Totally awesome, and I don't know why.

Kirsten said...

Totally true. I gave up on trying to name the pitchers.

Boof: Bert enjoys saying his name.

Anonymous said...

I agree. The off season is so boring! Even with the Canucks new GM, it's still pretty dull. Maybe I should watch baseball...Morneau is from BC...

Kirsten said...

You should definitely watch Morneau. He's awesome!