Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Completely Unreasonable Summer Wishlist

I will post a real wishlist that is actually feasible later. For now this is just what I'd REALLY like to see. None of this money saving, team chemistry crap.

1.) Vincent Lecavalier and Joe Thornton. I should be the GM of the Rangers. We need centers.

2.) A younger Martin Brodeur, though I could do without the personal scandals and douchebaggery.

3.) Joe Sakic. Duh. What wishlist of mine would be complete without his name?

4.) Andrew Brunette, because this is a fake wishlist, and I don't want to tear him away from his good fit in Colorado. I am glad to see he has found his niche, especially because I don't think he is really a good fit for this team any longer.

5.) Matt Niskanen. He won't be allowed to leave the Stars of his own free will for quite some time, but whatever. Too bad the Wild aren't like the old school Montreal Canadiens...they always got their man.

6.) While we are on the subject of defensemen, a young Nicklas Lidstrom would be nice.

7.) A hardworking Marian Gaborik. I can dream, right?

8.) Scott Niedermayer when he still cared about hockey...because you can never have too many Norris nominated defensemen on your team. (But you might still make a first round exit anyway, that's what Vinny and Joe are there for.)

9.) Scotty Bowman as the coach. Jacques Lemaire is a good coach, but there is no better coach in all of hockey than Scotty Bowman.

Twins Update: I watched an entire game last night. With his hat on, Nick Blackburn looks an awful lot like Joe Mauer. Justin Morneau made an outfielder look stupid, and Joe Mauer still looks funny when he runs. That is all. Oh yeah one more thing, KEVIN SLOWEY START ON THURSDAY!

***Update***: Check out this quote from Justin Morneau:
Our fans sent in some letters with questions for you this particular one out loud if you would.
"JM: (Justin reads).... "I wanted to know if Justin or Michael watch SpongeBob SquarePants and if so, who is their favorite character?" Yes I do watch that show, we watched it all the time in the (New Britain) clubhouse. SpongeBob is my favorite character."

and then this interview:,77430

Bert and Dick were talking about Gomez's cycle, and Bert goes " I almost hit for the cycle once, I was a double, triple, and home run away!" Dick just laughed.


elise said...

Ahhhh! The return of Baby Bradke! (and the start of a new era in Twins history.) This sounds like a movie/story/picture book waiting to happen.

CKim said...

Where are your goalies??

Kirsten said...

Elise-I'm SO stoked for his return. I'm heading to the Jays game next Wednesday.

ckim-which goalies?

Cat said...

re: Matt Niskanen

You can't have him. :p

Kirsten said...

Not yet we can' just wait. We'll work on getting him, unfortunately Minnesotans tend to be the loyal sort.

CKim said...

Hmm, I'm retarded. For some reason I thought there'd be goalies in this list... I'll take the Flower.

Kirsten said...

Martin Brodeur is in the list, but we have fairly solid goaltending most of the time, it's just defense and centers that we are waaaay short on.

Cat said...

Minnesota and Texas, I find, are remarkably similar (at least on paper, I'll find out how similar when I get there). He can manage here.