Sunday, September 7, 2008

100 things about me, grand finale

81.) I'm not that much of a TV watcher, but I do like the show "Bones".

82.) I really like doing Sudoku puzzles. Crosswords are too hard for me, though.

83.) There are a million Facebook groups out there that I agree with, but I feel like it's bad to join too many for some reason.

84.) Now that I'm in college, I follow Big 10 sports pretty closely. The Gophs have become my team for real.

85.) I love Calvin and Hobbes. LOVE. If it didn't cost $150, I'd get the entire collection of the comic.

86.) Trees fascinate me. There is just something about them that is awesome.

87.) I've always been a geography nerd. According to my mom, I presented my kindergarten teacher with a picture of Madagasgar during kindergarten round-up.

88.) I had a hard time learning to write, and learning to write in cursive. My handwriting is still terrible, and I'm learning to write in Chinese now. This was probably not one of my better ideas.

89.) I love the smell of clean laundry.

90.) I don't like to read just one book at once. I will start five and switch back and forth between them all.

91.) I love to play cards. Any game is fine.

92.) The Blue Bombers are my CFL team. Even though they suck this season.

93.) I briefly considered becoming an international studies major and going into international business or becoming a translator. Then I remembered that I don't care much for the social sciences.

94.) Somewhere down the line I seem to have inherited my ancestoral disdain for Finns. I just seem to pick on them more. My Finnish ancestors would not be pleased.

95.) I like doing things where I can instantly see results. I'm not a "well eventually this will be cool" kind of a person. I fold laundry, pick up things, weed the garden, but planting seeds? Not so much.

96.) I don't have a problem with Crocs. They are great for crew, or just to run a quick errand in. Obviously they are not exactly good workout footwear, but they have a time and a place where they are extremely handy.

97.) Much as a I love a good intellectual conversation, I'm still 20. There seem to be many people at my school who can't spare a few thoughts for something that isn't politics/religion/war/something else that requires me to make an intelligent response. I try to avoid those people when my brain is full.

98.) I'm extremely good at origami.

99.) I still have the same boxes that I shipped to school freshman year. They are still good boxes, why should I get rid of them? During moving out time, finding boxes is pretty near impossible. Yes, I realize how Minnesotan that made me sound.

100.) I'm more Minnesotan than I ever noticed. I read the article in the Strib, and I hear about it all the time, and really, it's all true. Minus the part where my friends here say I use more o's in one sentence than a whole can of Spaghetti o's. That part's a lie.


Cortney said...

Oooh I hear you on the facebook groups. It just seems too facebook obsessive to have a million groups listed on your profile.

Kirsten said...

It really does. Therefore I must restrain myself and only join the really important ones I guess.