Monday, September 1, 2008

100 things about me, Part 4

So I'm back at school now, and I have an 8 AM tomorrow, but it's only 9 Pacific time so I have loads of time on my hands...for now.

61.) I'm really slow to adjust to time changes. No matter how hard I try, I always get tired at 9 PM Central Time.

62.) I really like to have windows open. Since it doesn't get very cold here in Oregon, I can leave them open year round. Roommate interference aside.

63.) I really like having a bulletin board. I couldn't even say why that's so important to me, but it is.

64.) Whenever I go to school, I bring Minnesota with me. No one else I know has as many things up reminding them of their home state than I do. In my defence, few people are from as far away as I am.

65.) I always arrange books on bookshelves first by subject, and then by size.

66.) My closet is organized by clothing type, never by color.

67.) I'm fanatical about recyling. Whenever a member of my family or my roommate does not recycle, I got back and recycle what they threw out.

68.) I am working on overcoming flat surface syndrome. That is to say, I'm doing my best to break myself of the habit of just piling things on the first flat surface I see. I have done so by putting a limit on the number of items that can be on that surface. We'll see how it goes. I was fairly successful last semester, but now that my room is larger, I might not feel the need to be as tidy.

69.) I hate it when towels are folded in thirds on the towel bar. That way I can't just grab the towel and open it up, I have to unfold it first.

70.) I don't like driving near semi trucks. They freak me out since I feel like the drivers aren't always paying attention to what they are doing closely enough for such a large vehicle. I'm also freaked out by the fact that they sway around, and on days where the wind is whipping in off the prairie, they sometimes fall over.

71.) Speaking of prairies, they seem kind of boring to me. I know from studying them that they are actually complex and important ecosystems, but still. I like trees. If I want to look at something open, I'll go to a lake.

72.) I like to make to do lists, add things I've already done or that are easy, and then cross them off! It makes me feel accomplished.

73.) I like to study outside, but sometimes I just can't. Outside always seems to be ten times more distracting than inside. It's better if I study at my desk or in the library. The Bistro is just as bad as outside. Too many people I know there.

74.) As much as I don't like clutter, I always have all of my walls absolutely full. I can barely tell what color the walls are at home, and every year at school I add decorations all year long until I can barely see the walls there, either.

75.) I like that Tide has now made their detergent concentrated, so I don't have to lug around the heavy bottle anymore.

76.) I take my calendar with me wherever I go now. Having to plan things with people as I randomly see them has done that to me.

77.) I love light stained furniture and trim. I just like the brightness of it. Dark furniture makes me think I'm living in some old, German house or something. (All the furniture in my dormroom now is blonde. I love it since it's so gloomy out I don't have the sun to make things bright.)

78.) I love to doodle random things on my friends' whiteboards. Like I said, I'm not a good artist, but it's fun anyways. When all else fails, I'll just draw a sunshine or a smiley face.

79.) I'm a good test taker. I LOVE it when the prof says, this class will be exam based. Then I know I'm good to go.

80.) Single hole punches are hard for me to operate. I can't ever figure out which way is up, and then the little paper circles fly everywhere. Not cool, man.


Anonymous said...

I don't really have anything to say. I just wanted you to know that I read these and I am fascinated! Oh and I got your card today!! Woohoo! I adore it! Good bookmark. :)

Kirsten said...

Haha, good. I'm glad you like it!