Friday, September 12, 2008


So when I went on the Twins website to look up the starting pitcher for tonight (shut up, I still don't know the rotation since the All-Star Break...I just know that Blackburn and Slowey are the last two.), I saw an article about Justin Morneau maybe getting another MVP. Of course I had to stop everything and read. Basically it talks about how he's got another long shot at becoming the AL MVP. That's what they said in 2006, too. The article is here.

As always I'm pulling for him, and I will show my support of his MVP bid on Facebook. He hasn't had a million home runs this season, but he's been consistent and clutch. This team would be in trouble without him.

Also, Morneau has been nominated for the Man of the Year award. You can vote for him here.


"Dave Schultz" said...

instead of voting for him online, can I just take him home with me to "rock the vote" if ya know what I mean?? Rawr!

Kirsten said...

Well he does live in BC in the offseason, that's not too far away.

This poster seems to be good karma. I posted it, and then the Twins won. Twice!