Monday, September 1, 2008

Time to (at least start to) make a decision

Ok, so as all of you know, Mark Parrish was bought out, and I was and still am upset.
Because of this disturbance in the force, I have need of a new favorite player on the team.

The suggestions thus far:
Mikko Koivu:
Probably the future captain of the team, steady, talented, entertaining, good at winning faceoffs, and probably not going anywhere. On the flipside, EVERYONE is in love with him, and I don't want to be one of those girls with the Koivu sweater after seeing what the other girls with the Koivu sweaters are like.

Nick Schultz:
Already been the captain of the team, much improved, no longer gets annihilated every single play, probably also here to stay...doesn't seem to have a personality, or smile. Ever.

Brent Burns:
He's still a goober, but at least now he's only a goober off the ice. To his credit, he's very polite. Much, MUCH improved on defense, entertaining, random, but still a goober. All the girls with his sweater make him signs asking him to marry them. (Clearly the Koivu bunnies think he's married or something)

Pierre-Marc Bouchard:
Spin'O rama! Better now that he's on wing and not a center, smiley and polite, maybe not going anywhere? Doesn't seem to have a big puckbunny following. Did I mention spin'O rama?

Andrew Brunette:
Still awesome at however old he is, made St. Patrick look bad, came back to Minnesota because he likes it here, is a baseball fan and loves to fish, but he's getting up there, and who knows how long he'll be around. He's always been one of my faves, but somehow he's never made the leap to ABSOLUTE FAVORITE PLAYER EVAR. Maybe this year is his year.

What do you think, folks? Any other suggestions or reasons that I missed? I'll be putting up a poll to see what you guys think. James Sheppard was also suggested, but I don't feel like I know enough about him to really write something up.

Maybe I'll just have to wait until the season starts to pick a player.


Ms. Conduct said...

The bunnies are gonna be all over Shep this year. He's slightly older and not quite the jailbait he was last season, and my word, was he breathtaking in the development camp footage. Grade A bunny material.

Hard to suggest if Parrish was your favorite before (I tend to prefer the gritty grinder types and never really "got" Parry). Maybe one of the new guys will strike your fancy. Weller was much beloved in Phoenix.

Kirsten said...

Does that make me almost jailbait then too? He's less than two months older than I am. I've heard good things about him, so I'm a little sad the bunnies will be ruining him. Several people I talked to said he learned fast and definitely made a place for himself once Walz retired.

Walz was my favorite before Parrish, and before that it was Bomber. I seem to be all over the place. Hopefully you're right. Maybe some bright-eyed new comer will be just too awesome to pass up.

Ms. Conduct said...

Well, I'm 33, so while not quite old enough to be his mother, I still feel a little dirty finding him so hawt. But feel slightly less dirty this year. :D

elise said...

All good choices...tough call.

I'm so upset the bunnies have been taking over Shep. It makes me have to prove that I like him more for his hockey much more regularly. You should have seen some of the girls at one of his player appearances last was bad.

Maybe you should hold off until mid-season to pick one or something. You might find one of new guys is totally awesome like ms.conduct said. Or if a guy like Colton Gillies makes the team, he seems very similar to Walz's style and you might take a liking to him. Who knows.

Ms. Conduct said...

I was gonna say, Gillies would be kind of a cutting-edge pick. And he's a good looking kid but not "white knuckle ride" hot, so I think he'll slip under the bunny radar, at least for a while.

Kirsten said...

Ms. Conduct-oh Shepp. He really doesn't look as young as he is, minus the deer in the headlights part.

I REALLY like what I've seen of Gillies. He does remind me of Walz, and that's an awesome thing. Plus, he's entertaining.

Elise-Puck bunnies ruin everything. Though it is funny to watch the guys give other guys shit during warm ups when there are signs.

I'm hoping to find more time to watch games this season so I can actually take a good look and see who jumps out at me.

Ms. Conduct said...

Kate had a great idea for helping pick your favorite player: Make a flowchart!

Kirsten said...

Haha, that's excellent. I really should make one of those.

Brian said...

How about Shep for your new favorite player? I think he is really going to continue developing and he's so young he should be around for awhile.

Anonymous said...


, because you can cheer for him (and Koivu) in international hockey, too. Fast becoming like the best defenceman in the whole show, smarter than I've seen anyone play hockey in a long time. Like a slower Niedermayer, he's the #1 defenceman on the defensive Wild and probably 2010 Canada too.

Plus I heard he keeps snakes for pets, that's awesome.

Kirsten said...

Brian-This is true, but the lowered free agency age lets 'em loose far more quickly.

r/r-According to Mr. Burns he has something like 40 snakes in his basement.

These days it's not hard to be the number one defenceman on the Wild...sadly enough. His play for Team Canada has been good thus far, and I'm hoping to see more. Here's to hoping he only emulates Scott Niedermayer's good points.

Nadine said...

Kirsten: You know my addiction to Finnish players extends to Koivu the Younger, so know that I'm voting for him. After all, he is one of my "squees from other teams!"

Anonymous said...

Schultzy all the way Kirsten. My favorite since the day I counted myself a fan. PMB is my second. Are you really out in Oregon? I'm in Iowa. I guess we're both screwed. I like the blog!

Anonymous said...

Oh, Its David Un.

Kirsten said...

Haha, thanks! How's Iowa treating you?