Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Corrections and random other things

Ok, so I was reminded that the teams are reseeded after each round, something I had a nagging feeling about, but ignored. So go with my first round predictions, and more to come once I know the re-seeding. My bad, and sorry for the confusion. For the record, I think Montreal will win in the East still. Many of my predictions were made more off of feelings than off of actual stat combing, so feel free to tell me I'm an idiot if you think I'm completely wrong. That's why I provide an email address.

For all the English speaking Habs/Bruins fans out there, if you find something in French that you can't read, I would be more than happy to translate for you.

The NHL schedule can be found here, as well as TV channels.

As Jdoghooey correctly guessed, I have many superstitions.
I have been asked by several people why I do not pick my own team to win the Cup ever. I believe that it is bad luck to pick your own team.
Secondly, I am very superstitious about wins. I think the Walz sweater has many wins left in it, and I am insisting that it be worn at the games. My appologies to Mark Parrish, but until his sweater is proven lucky/Walz isn't working as a karmic helper, I will not ask that it be worn. I'm bad about this kind of stuff, following pregame rituals when I play sports, and demanding that others join me in my pregame rituals and superstitions for sporting events in which I am not participating. No, I'm not a goalie.
I agree with Jdoghooey about the karma surrounding Andrew Brunette. Not to be negative, but the Hockey Gods clearly love him, and I hope that Colorado doesn't get to use him for their benefit this time around.
I feel slightly responsible for their loss to the Ducks last year due to my personal inability to fling poo at Niedermayer, so this year Joe Sakic, Andrew Brunette, and Adam Foote will all have entire herd's worth of poo flung at them in the hopes that I will be able to convince everyone, myself included that I don't want them to do well. I don't want to see anyone hurt, but I'd like to see a lot of zeros on the stat sheet.

Nick Schultz will be back soon. Don Cherry would say so since he's a good Canadian kid from out on the prarie, tough as nails, he'll stick it to that son of a Euro Stastny. I wish him a speedy recovery, and I hope for his sake that he doesn't push it too much and come back too soon and end up hurting himself. Permanent damage for sports is a bad path to go down.


CKim said...

So I originally had the Habs going all the way before I made my bracket. But now... I'm not so sure... damn.

Kirsten said...

I dunno, I still think they can make it all the way. They have been solid all season, even better without Souray than with him...

Jibblescribbits said...

Wait.. Stastny is from the states...

Kirsten said...

I know, I said son of a Euro. His dad had to defect, I believe.