Sunday, April 6, 2008


The teams have been finalized. I filled in my chart that I made here at school, and now I will post what I think will happen.
We'll start with the west since I'm partial to it.
Western Conference
Conference Quarter Finals:
#1 Detroit vs. #8 Nashville
Detroit in 5 games

#2 San Jose vs. #7 Calgary
San Jose in 7 games

#3 Minnesota vs. #6 Colorado
Minnesota in 6 games

#4 Anaheim vs. #5 Dallas
Dallas in 7 games

Conference Semi Finals
#1 Detroit vs. #2 San Jose
San Jose in 7 games

#3 Minnesota vs. #5 Dallas
Minnesota in 6 games

Conference Finals:
#2 San Jose vs. #3 Minnesota
San Jose in 6 games

Eastern Conference
Conference Quarter Finals:
#1 Montreal vs. #8 Boston
Montreal in 4 games

#2 Pittsburgh vs. #7 Ottawa
Pittsburgh in 6 games

#3 Washington vs. #6 Philadelphia
Philadelphia in 5 games

#4 New Jersey vs. #5 NYR
NYR in 5 games

Conference Semi Finals:
#1 Montreal vs. #2 Pittsburgh
Montreal in 6 games

#5 NYR vs. #6 Philadelphia
NYR in 6 games

Conference Finals:
#1 Montreal vs. #5 NYR
Montreal in 5 games

Stanley Cup:
#1 Montreal vs. #2 San Jose
MONTREAL in 7 games!

Baseball note, Justin Morneau hit his first homerun of the regular season today. Let the countdown begin.


Bethany said...

Hey, I know about Justin Morneau thanks to Interesting predictions, but I hate Dallas so GO DUCKS.

elise said...

On another baseball note, did you see Baby Bradke is out with a strained bicep?! Cuddy is also out with some finger problem or something. But yay Morneau!

KMS2 said...

Don't they reseed after the first round? If that's the case, then your matchups would be:
Detroit v. Dallas
SJ v. Minny
Montreal v. Philly
Pitt v. NYR

Hmmm...maybe I should make predictions all the way to the Cup. The reseeding makes it difficult.

Kirsten said...

Bethany-Thanks. Some of the predictions are a little random, but still better thought out than my basketball prediction that I was just forced to make.

Elise-I saw! I'm so mad! Cuddy is one of my faves, and obviously Baby Bradke is/we don't need any of our reasonably good pitchers injured.

KMS2-um maybe? If that's true, then crap, I forgot about it, and you are correct.

Jibblescribbits said...

It's on like Donkey Kong now

Dare said...

KMS2 is right. The highest remaining seed plays the lowest remaining seed and so on down the line.

A Montreal cup would be pretty intense.

My dream match up? Calgary/Montreal. I can't even count the ways in which I'd love it. Too bad my rational side tells me it's about as likely as my name being pulled in the Flames playoff ticket draw...

CKim said...


Maggie said...

Dude, just heard Nicky is out after having an appendectomy. Haven't been paying any attention to the Twins yet. Sending all my good karma to the Wild. Obviously, that isn't working.