Sunday, April 20, 2008

Wild eliminated

The Wild were elminated tonight in six games. I will maybe talk about it tomorrow. I am starting to loathe Ryan Smyth. Ever since leaving Edmonton he has fallen in my favor. I was somehow ok with him being good for them since it's the Oil, but for Colorado? Unacceptable.

Here's to hoping the Flyers, Habs, Stars, and Sharks all win.

At least the Twins won 3-0 over the Tribe.


zorkonremembers said...

I like the wild, but I also like the bruins. Who won game six. BOO HABS! GO BRUINS! I should skip some work to get up there.

Kirsten said...

I'm so mad about game 6 in general. I don't understand why the Canadiens don't have it together, they have been so legit this season.

Bethany said...

It's the curse of St. Patrick.

Kirsten said...

Is that what it is? I knew I was overlooking some sort of karmic thing, but Joe Sakic is clearly a man blessed by the hockey gods, and that is hard to overcome in it's own right, much less curses thrown at us by crazy goaltenders.

buddhafisch said...

I gotta tell you this. In the vast waste land of the internet, I somehow stumble across this blog. I am a huge Wild fan, huge.

I'm loving every entry I read just a little more.

To answer a few questions you posted in different posts:

1. Martin Skoula needs to be traded to any professional sports team for a coffee maker.

2. Forsberg didn't exactly mess up the chemistry, dang it, huh?

3. Koivu is a superstar in the making, and the only true center the Wild have.

I'll post more I'm sure... Keep up the posting. And seriously... come home. A state without hockey... well... should be Texas.

Kirsten said...

Thanks! I appreciate the read, and I will do my best to post regularly as life allows.

I don't know that we could get anyone to give up a perfectly good coffee maker for Skoula.

That whole Forsberg thing didn't work out the way I had imagined it would.

Every time I see Koivu play I like him more. He's so incredibly awesome, I can't even begin to say.

I would love to come home, but I'll probably be out here for two more years. On the bright side, I'll be home for the summer in 11 days. The Texas bit is facebook quote worthy. Excellent.