Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Pimping for the Playoffs

So here are a few Blogs that you might visit depending on what team you want for the playoffs:
Eastern Conference:
Montreal Canadiens:
Four Habs Fans Warning: Slightly off color on occasion, not for those who are easily offended but absolutely hilarious
Girls Don't Love Hockey

No Pun Intended

Capital Addiction
A View From the Cheap Seats

New Jersey:
Interchangable Parts

New York Rangers:
Some Like it Blue

Eager to go Psycho

Scarlett Ice

Five for Writing

Western Conference:
No Pun Intended
Behind the Jersey

San Jose:
Musings of a Radical Redhead
A Sharks Fan Knits
Battle of California

18,568 Reasons Why
Hitting the Post
A Wild View from Section 216
No More Minnesota Nice
Wild Puck Banter
Deuce by Definition

Battle of California
Earl Sleek on AOL Fanhouse
Girl With a Puck
Anaheim Duck Fan

Untypical Girls
The Shootout
Hockey Coma

Jerseys and Hockey Love

Double d(ion) maybe she will make an appearance? I hope so, I miss you, HG!
Hit the Post

I know there are some new HLOGgers from NSH. I don't have their links up yet, though. Sorry!

These have been listed in order of seeding, and the blogs within are listed in no particular order. All blogs can be found in my sidebar since I don't know how to link words. As always, I recommend reading all the fine blogs displayed, and if you don't see your blog on the sidebar but would like to, just let me know and it shall be added.


maggie said...

You definitely called it on the podcast when you said that Wes would be doing the "Lets Play Hockey" cheer.

Kirsten said...

I feel like such a cool kid now for calling that. I remember thinking a while back how sweet it would be, and I decided that there would be no better game. Too bad they couldn't pull out a win for him.

Caitlin said...

Yay, Kirsten! Thank you so much.

I'm doing my blog recs before the game tonight, and you know you are SO totally on there. :D

Kirsten said...

No problem! I always like to pimp other people's blogs when I can.

Thanks! I appreciate the shoutout.