Sunday, January 27, 2008

All-Star Randomness

I watched the entire All-Star game, but I'm just going to give one of my usual random game reviews on it.

Rick Nash had hat trick! He looked so happy, how did he not become the MVP of the game? It worked for Sakic in 2004.

Joe Thornton kind of looked at the camera and then went back to hearing his name announced. No smile, nothing, just kind of a curious look.

I got my hockey hating RA from Kansas to watch the first period of the game with me.

For an All-Star game it was pretty exciting. The West coming back to lead for .5 seconds was awesome, but the fact that the East won in the last 20 seconds was much less awesome.

There were some random dudes who came in and demanded that I explain hockey to them when I was trying to pay attention to things like interviews...or you know the game. For self-proclaimed sports buffs, they are really clueless.

Scott "I am really not a team player" Niedermayer had a goal. I started to be happy, then checked myself.

I missed seeing Joe Sakic at the All-Star game. I voted every day for him faithfully until they announced that he would be out for three months. This whole injury thing is making me a sad panda.

Super Skills-unfortunately I didn't get to watch the Super Skills competition as I was in and out all day taking care of things that I really should have been doing all week. I hear Marian Gaborik got cheated in the shootout creativity contest, and that Pronger fell on his face. Gaborik is on my list of people that should watch themselves for his disinterest in re-signing with Minnesota, and Pronger, well we all know how I feel about FCP.

Tomorrow: we play the Ducks at the Xcel Energy Center at 6 CST. (That's 4 PST to you Ducks fans/Minnesotans stuck on the West Coast.) Like always, it should be a good game. I'm a bit swamped right now, but since I don't have class on Thursdays, I will possibly write a real post then.

**EDIT** Go over and see Earl Sleek at Battle of California and read his Wild/Ducks gameday post. I don't like the actual prediction for tonight's game, but read the rest of what he has to say because he talks about karma and how we are due. It's an excellent post overall.


CKim said...

I get more excited about the Super Skills than the actual game every year. It's just more fun to see them on the ice with their personalities showing.

Finny said...

K-dogggg... :) hey girl. tonight it's on: ducks and wild! I know you hate my CP but you know... eh. I'm used to the big lug. As for Scotty... I heart Scotty... yes, even if he took an extended vaca. I don't know how you'd be able to tell a player like that, "yeah, no, we're cool without ya. We don't want you anymore, foo, go find another home."

anywayyyy... I liked the SuperSkills Competition more too, because Ryan Getzlaf is such a goof. Trying to score "style points". I loved Ovie's try though. That boy loves the spotlight and the fans certainly love him right back.

And I was bummed when the West lost. Ugh.

Oh, and I totally agree that Ricky Nash got robbed.

And where was the gushing over Pretty Ricky DiPietro's hotness? lol. :) I don't get to see nearly enough of that boy.

Kirsten said...

They sit around and giggle like little girls! It's hilarious!

finny-I totally wanted to see Nash win, he's kind of like an eight year old, and I figured he'd get all excited about it. The Staal brothers have no facial expressions and look like killers...

I'm sure Margee took good care of Ricky's her specialty.

Everyone else in the room was cheering for the East, which confused me since I'm on the west coast.