Thursday, January 17, 2008

Wild Need to Work On Beating Division Rivals.

Photo courtesy of the Facebook group "Calgary Flames SUCK"
We beat Phoenix on Sunday night to make it seven straight. I was mildly worried about the game since they were on a mild tear, but my worries were unfounded.
So last night we played the Flames, and that didn't go so well. Stupid Jarome Iginla, AKA Sakic's heir, got the Shootout winner. It was a night for the defencemen as Foster and Burns had the goals for the Wild. This is an important goal for Foster, since he still needs to prove that he can contribute so that Lemaire will put him in the lineup more frequently. I didn't actually watch the game, but TSN thoughtfully provided me with game highlights and a less than clever title. My boy Parrish was out with sore back apparently last night, and was therefore not getting any goals for me to gloat about. :(
Sherry, over at Scarlett Ice, has been nominated for this year's Canadian Blog Awards. You should go to her site and check it out, and then she has a link up so that you can vote for her. There are many quality entries this year, so I recommend voting for Sherry and then going and checking out all the other blogs.
Next up: The Ducks. Hopefully Mark Parrish will be back so he can break FCP again. That would definitely make my life if that were to occur twice. Now that S. Niedermayer is back, unfortunately they have gotten better. Earl Sleek, who writes for both Battle of California and AOL Fanhouse, will probably have some kind of detailed stats up about the matchup, because he is far better at that sort of thing than I am. Finny, of Girl With a Puck, will probably post something about the game if she is back from her vacation.
Teebz, the brilliance behind Hockey Blog in Canada, is having an essay contest with some fantastic prizes to celebrate the one year anniversary of having his blog. The questions haven't been posted yet, but you should check in often to see what they are. Or don't. That way my brilliant entry will have less competition. Congrats to you, Teebz, and good luck to all who take him up on his challenge.
**Edit** According to the man himself, the Hockey Blog in Canada essay questions will be up on Monday.


Teebz said...

Thanks for the quick mention, Kirsten! The contest goes live on Monday! :o)

Sherry said...

Aww, thanks for the plug, Kirsten! Given the competition, I'm not all that optimistic but just getting a mention is nice!

elise said...

As far as "clever" titles go, FSN seems to try really hard in that department. Once, they had a feature called "dissecting the defense with darby". and then there was the time of course when they were talking about mikko koivu (who is obviously finnish) and they called the feature "a wild finish"

on a separate note, has anyone else's blog ever been locked due to accidental marking as a spam blog? mine was (hence the lack of posts) and they haven't unlocked it and i'm getting very annoyed...

KMS2 said...

Nice Calgary Sucks image!

I REALLY hope the Kings can beat them tomorrow.

Kirsten said...

Teebz-ooh, thanks. I'll edit that in!

Sherry-You're welcome! I gotta do what I can, cause I like your blog...

Elise-Not that I know of, have you emailed blogger about this? That sucks, dude. I hope it goes away. As for FSN, wow is all I have to say on the subject. Clearly whoever writes titles for each of these places writes them for all the major sports networks. Someday I'm going to make a post about all the stupid headlines.

Kms2-thanks! If you are ever looking for pictures that are mean to the Shames, Facebook is a great resource. I too hope the Kings can beat them. I'll be flipping back and forth from that game to the Wild/Ducks game. Here's to both of our teams winning!

CKim said...

Wins for both our teams? Yes, please!

Anonymous said...

having watched the game I think they make handshake deals to get the one point out of it

-Lemaire talked to Keenan before the game


-they had a shootout plan, Phaneuf was gonna chicken shot at our goalie before Iggy shot.

then Rolston missed the net from the top of the circle so we kinda got screwed by taking the higher ground there, that's my take.

CKim said...

FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCK. I don't have anything more to say.

Kirsten said...

r/r-clearly that must have been it, because there is no other way the Wild could have gotten a point from that game.

ckim-I agree. It was a bad night all around.