Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Boo, Shames!

That game blew chunks. Massive ones the size of Joe Thornton's butt. The Wild even played decently against the Flames, something they seem to only rarely do (especially in the Saddledome). Usually the Wild are stellar on the second game of back to back games, but noooooo. Iginla was held scoreless, but sadly his teammates were not. Rolston has continued his now two game goal streak to get the media and a few fans off his back. Parrish didn't play because of a Salo shot to the foot (not broken), and Harding was solid. Burns had a goal that got reviewed and called off, and I had a heart attack when the school cut me off for using too much internet. That's pretty much all the game summary that I feel like writing.

Around the Blogosphere: I have been reading some new blogs lately, ones written by fans of teams that I usually hate quite a lot, but these blogs are fun and well written, and they make me feel badly about hating on their teams...until we play said teams. The Untypical Girls (Dallas) have switched to wordpress, the Humming Giraffe (Van) has the greatest picture of wildlife that I will ever see, and two of my HLOG sisters have created a NYR blog, Some Like it Blue. If you are procrastinating for any reason ( I don't judge, until this semester I procrastinated regularly), then you should check these and the many other quality blogs on my blogroll out. As always, if you have a blog you'd like added, email me.

Next game: The Colorado Avalanche on Thursday at 8 CST on KSTC. I'm bumming that Joe Sakic is out, because he is one of the main reasons that I enjoy Wild/Avs games so much. The Avs have suffered a lot of injuries lately, and have been in a bit of a slide because of it. Hopefully the boys will be all ready to go after coming off that tough loss to Calgary. This will be the last Wild game before the All-Star break, then they have a few days off before facing the Ducks. (ew)


elise said...

Not a good day for our buddy Parrish. He also got his front tooth knocked out.

KMS2 said...

hahha!! nice picture!

school cut me off for using too much internet

What?! Are you serious?? Tell them to shove it.

CKim said...

Holy hell, thank god I wasn't drinking anything when I saw that picture!!!

And that was a very maniacal game review. Good times!!

Steph said...

Hahaha I love that picture. Beautiful.

Kirsten said...

Elise-That's not good. Now he's going to look funny when he smiles until he gets it fixed...and he smiles a lot.

kms2-I tried to tell them to shove it, and then they cut off my internet completely, not just slowing it down so I couldn't stream videos. I do enjoy the picture, though. It's cheering me up.

Ckim-I have tons more where that kind of thing came from. I am known for being extremely random, that's probably why that game post looks like it does.

Steph-Thanks! Yet again, the Calgary Flames SUCK! Facebook group was my friend/resource.