Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Captain Saltine Cracker

For the first time in his NHL career, Nick Schultz has been named captain for the month of January, and according to my friend Janessa (who went to high school with him), he has the personality of a saltine cracker, so that is his new name. When my mom and I met him, he was very polite, just not terribly entertaining or personable, but at least he was polite, right? I have to admit, he's been playing better this year. I've hardly noticed him at all, and that's definitely improvement. Especially since my family used to play a game where we would guess how many times he would get absolutely annihilated along the boards each night and then count to see who was right. Congrats, Nick. Please lead us to many glorious victories.

Russo, the Wild beat writer for the STrib (Minneapolis Star Tribune), has written an article about his time in the stands with us fans and how he learned just how much we fear Skoula. It's a good read, I highly recommend it.
Part II is coming tomorrow with responses from Coach Lemaire and Skoula.

Nick over at Hitting the Post also has an excellent post up on the topic.

Elise, a new voice in the Wild Blogosphere (please see sidebar), has responded to my challenge about why Skoula still has a job in a post over at her blog. You should check out both the post and the blog.

Speaking of new blogs, I've been reading a few new ones lately, and in case you hadn't noticed, the Wild Blogosphere is expanding! jdoghooey is over at Wild View From Section 216, and Paul is over at Cup Crazy's National Hockey League Blog. CCNHLB is not exclusively a Wild blog, but the Wild are one of his teams, and he writes really good articles on lots of other stuff too.

If I missed anyone's blog and they would like to be added, please leave me a post or drop me a line, and I'll happily add you. (PS, it doesn't have to be a hockey blog, anything is fine, as long as it's in reasonably good taste.)

Ckim (A Queen Among Kings) posted an amazing video with Ryan Miller telling yo momma jokes. It's hilarious.

The Onion continues to be brilliant. The Sports issue on stands now is a hoot and a half. This "article" about the Yankees is my favorite. Just a warning, the f-bomb is used a lot.

WJC Update: Team Canada has recently beaten Team Finland twice in a row. GO CANADA GO! This was the first time they have played in the quarter finals since 1997.
All Team Canada info is courtesy of TSN or my Canadian friends who have been keeping my up to date since I'm an idiot and forgot to watch the game today.


elise said...

The Ryan Miller commercial is brilliant.

Sounds like a fun game. Maybe we can tweak it to fit for Skoula: guess how many times he gives up the puck...or falls down...or gives up a goal...the possibilities are endless.

CKim said...

Thanks for the shout out. I'm officially calling Halloween "Yo-Mamma-ween" from now on. But I LOVE that you can hear Aubin's light accent in his lines.

And I TOTALLY forgot to record the Canada/Finland game on my DVR. =( I guess I'll stream it online later.

jdoghooey said...

Thanks for pimpin my site eh! USA v. Canada Friday...

Kirsten said...

Elise-It's a really fun game, and that's an excellent idea. Sadly for our game Nick is getting better at avoiding other players trying to kill him. I will mention this the next time we watch a game. I'm sure this new version will be enthusiastically embraced, especially because lately I have been Captain of team "Trade Skoula".
Ckim-No problem, I was going to post the video myself, but decided that since you found it, and I'm lazy, that this was much more convinient.
jdog-You're welcome! Gotta make sure the world sees all the Wild blogs. I can't wait for that game. You guys are going down!