Thursday, January 31, 2008

Duck Hunting

Photo courtesy of TSN

I'm extremely sad that I wasn't able to be at this game for obvious reasons. The Wild have now won 3 of 4 in the season series (this should be the last game, yes?). Backstrom was awesome no thanks to Johnsson causing Perry's goal. I was watching and I saw number 5 right by the net when he scored. Mikko Koivu!, Brian Rolston, James Sheppard, Pierre Marc Bouchard, and Marian Gaborik all scored for the Wild, while Mark Parrish almost did.

I laughed really hard when I got a text from my mom describing how Giguere ducked on Rolston's goal. He ducked, get it? I was laughing as I watched the game, but I hadn't even though about it that way. I laughed even harder that he threw another hissy fit. As Sherry pointed out on Battle of California, what do you expect from a man who has to drink from a straw?

Mikko Koivu may not be as sharp as he was before missing 20 some games according to Lemaire, but according to me he looks pretty effing good out there. He's been a huge boost for this team, and also for my fantasy team.

Derek Boogaard is on the IR.
Santana is a Met.
Guy LaFleur is in trouble, or rather his son is. TSN has more on it. I can feel the shock all the way here from Quebec.
I will be SUPER pissed if Forsberg comes to Minnesota.
Mark Parrish and his wife are going to be parents soon! Congrats to them!

Up next: The Blue Jackets on the road. Bring it on, Bethany!


Jibblescribbits said...

Wait? you'll be mad if Forsberg comes to MN? why?

elise said...

That was a good game. Ha, ducked, that's funny. I didn't think about that. I am so glad Mikko is back. He just makes me smile every time I see him.

CKim said...

Gaborik, sweet goal.

I saw an interview with Rolston and I was surprised that his voice was higher than I thought it was gonna be...

Steph said...

Hmm, Boogaard on IR, huh? I hope this means that he is sitting around wearing glasses all the time.

Kirsten said...

Jibblescribbits-yeah. I feel like he'd be an overpaid for liability at this point in time, and the guys on the team are really starting to gell. I don't think we need a Forsberg kind of a disturbance.

Elise-he makes me smile too for all kinds of reasons.

ckim-I KNOW! Isn't it funny? I totally thought his voice should be deeper.

Steph-Haha, I suspect he is. I think he's figured out that the ladies like his glasses.

Maggie said...

Today is Mark Parrish's birthday-31 years young.Just thought you should know. Thanks for the mention. Does that make me famous?