Saturday, February 2, 2008

Sucks to be the CBJs

Now please do another signing so that can be MY sweater.

I get the feeling that Ken Hitchcock does not take losing all that well, but to his credit he has done good things with the Blue Jackets.

I would like to wish Mark Parrish a very happy 31st birthday. Glad they got a win for you, buddy! Hopefully the guys will buy you a few beers to celebrate, and the Twins will buy you a third baseman.

The Wild beat the Blue Jackets 4-1 on the road to continue their Streak of Awesomeness. Nick Schultz is the captain again, and I'm going to grumble about that fact, but concede that the Wild played very well in January. Foster got a goal tonight, and it seems like every time I see him play he has one, so why is he suiting up in the press box so much? Stupid Marian Gaborik got two goals tonight, and Rolston got one too. Mikko Koivu! had an assist on Foster's goal, and Gaborik's life partner (you are so right on that one, Margee), Demitra had an assist on both of Gaborik's goals. Michael Peca!, whose name I adore saying, also had a good game, but only Derick Brassard (and I'm not sure who that is...) had a goal for Columbus.

In other news, the Habs clobbered the Islanders, and I hear if it weren't for DiPietro, it would have been much, much worse. The Leafs actually beat the Sens and Jason Blake (WHOO MINNESOTA) had a goal.

Teebz, over at Hockey Blog in Canada, has a rather insulting post about the Gophers up, though he promises to make UND look bad in the near future.

The Widget I have to the right I stole from Double D(ion), run by HockeyGirl. Thanks, chica! I'm glad to see that you're back in the blogosphere!

Up Next: The Red Wings at the Xcel Energy Center. Game is on KSTC at 7 PM Central Time. Bring it on, Steph, bring it on. Let's hope for a repeat of that awesome game where we beat you guys, k?


Steph said...

Let's not!

(PS we haven't lost in 7 games - what's up now eh? Let's see what Mikko can do!)

Teebz said...

Hey, c'mon... those goals were pretty good. It's not my fault that Minny was the victim in each one.

Like I said, I'll look for some retribution. ;o)

Kirsten said...

I saw that on TSN that you guys have a 7W streak. Mikko has been awesome for us. Stupid Ohlund, now everyone is talking about how great he is, and I want to strangle them. You guys have two games in hand, another win for us would give a nice 2/2 split...

Teebz-Awesome. Let me know when you've got that all arranged, and I'll be happy as a clam.

elise said...

Poor Parrish. Some stupid BJ ran into him in the first period and gave him a head injury. He played 14 more shifts before they took him off the ice and now he's listed as day-to-day. Apparently, he's pretty dazed. Which is bad.

Maggie said...

I see someone already gave you a heads up on MP injury. Apparently he looked pretty rough after the game so no beers for him.

There may be a signing coming up-I'm trying to keep it on my radar.

KMS2 said...

You should really call them the BJs because then there's no way you can take them seriously.

Sorry Steph, but the Red Wings deserve to lose every now and then.

The Aaaahj said...

Wow, Mike Lamb hasn't even put on a Twins uniform yet and you already dissing him.

Kirsten said...

Oh no! Not Mark Parrish! Feel better!

I'd be stoked to get my sweater signed...

kms2-I will from now on call them that.

aaaahj-I'm just pissed all around with the Twins right now, minus the Cuddyer/Morneau signings.