Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Stupid Lebda

Brett Lebda fails at life. The game was going so well up until about a minute left in the game when the effing Wings tied it up. Then OT came around, and I found out that Center Ice Online has not fixed their 15 second delay problem. The only good thing I have to say about Detroit is that their announcers are better than ours on FSN. Final score: 3-2 Wings. Goals by Rolston and Demitra for the Wild, and then for the Wings the Albino German (Franzen), Dude we really would like for our team (Cleary), and the big, fat jerk all had goals.

Game Notes:

  • There was a scrum around the net, and Datsyuk and Koivu went to the box. How random to see THOSE two get match penalties. I think Zetterdouche deserved one too.

  • Babcock looks like a jerk. End of story.

  • "Hasek stoned Gaborik several times without trying to kill him" -Steph

  • Backstrom was looking pretty sharp, though a bit too busy for my taste.

  • Datsyuk's head is really, really funny shaped
  • Mikko Koivu continued his Personal Streak of Awesomeness with the aforementioned scrum.

Around the league:

  • Leafs got embarassed 8-0 by the Panthers. Yeah that's right. The Panthers.

  • Montreal beat the Sens, though it was getting a little iffy at the end. The Sens scored a couple late to make it 4-3.

  • Kings doubled up on the Rangers 4-2.

  • Anaheim won. Boo.

Up next: the Stars (double boo) at the X. Should be a good game, but hopefully it will be like the game I saw, not the one I forced myself to watch most of on TV. Time to make Turco back into an angry starfish. I'll allow Niskanen to have a goal as long as the Wild win.

**EDIT*** Go and check out No Pun Intended. Steph has expressed the game with YouTube.


jdoghooey said...

Very generous of you to allow Nisky a goal. =P

CKim said...

I'm pissed at Turco cuz when I bench him on my fantasy team, he does well. And when I play him, he does terribly!! Consistency man!!!

Steph said...

This is my favorite post ever.

Except I'm STILL waiting on Zetterdouche and Triangle Head.

Kirsten said...

jdoghooey-he has grown on me annoyingly enough.

ckim-Drury is the same way for me. Maybe that's cause he's Drury. I expect better of Turco.

Steph-I'm pretty fond of your post, too. This weekend, I promise it will be done.

Sherry said...

The greening out of the logo is also a nice touch. I can really feel your hate in that one.

Maggie said...

I suppose you don't want to hear that they are having a ceremony to honor your "buddy" Mike Modano before this game. I can try and take pictures if you would like. Third puck giveaway that night as well, I believe.

BTW, I so wanted MK to punch TriangleHead right in the face. And the call on Voros was so bogus as not to be believed.

elise said...

I'm glad Hasek managed not to try and kill Gabby this time. Except he did make that one save with, like, his head.

Kirsten said...

Sherry-I'm really rather fond of that myself. It was a vindictive touch.

Elise-Hasek boggles my mind for so many reasons.

Stupid Modano. He didn't ever play for the Wild, so I'm irritated about his being honored. You don't have to take any pictures, I'm sure I'll be quite good to go, thanks. I was suprised to see Koivu as fiesty as he was.

Paul said...

Just a bitter pill to swallow here. I cannot believe the Wild lost. As I said on Steph's blog, this was likely one of the most heartbreaking losses in the history of the team. I know, the Wild have only been playing for seven seasons now, but they've dealt with enough bad losses to know which are the worst.

Detroit is the best team in the league, but hopefully the Wild learn from this and defeat them next time out. Then again, I know from the other side, they can point to Minnesota's 6-5 shootout win as a bitter loss for their fans. So I guess it's even from their point of view.

Jibblescribbits said...

I can't stand the Red wings announcers. The play by play guy is okay, but the color guy is the worst there is. He's whiney, a huge homer and bitches all game.

Kirsten said...

Paul-I find it really hard to feel bad for the Red Wings or their fans in any way, shape, or form, so I'll just go for the wallowing in my hearbreaking loss misery.

jibblescribbets-that should tell you something about how bad the Wild announcers are if I think those homerish dickheads were better. Anaheim's are pretty bad also.