Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Reasons to Watch Tonight's Game

I will certainly be watching the game tonight, and if you want to watch the game with me, shoot me an IM.

  • You are a Wild/Wings fan. Duh.
  • You like watching the Wings lose because it's like watching the Yankees lose.
  • It will be a good measuring stick to see how well we're really doing. Beating a struggling Ducks team/the BJs doesn't count.
  • You want to help me write the "Adventures of Zetterdouche and Trianglehead"
  • Chelios jokes never get old (get it? old?)
  • Hasek might do something entertaining again. Something YouTube worthy.
  • Procrastinating is fun
  • Mikko Koivu will do something super awesome to continue his own personal streak of awesomeness
  • Wild/Detroit games produce some excellent trash talk if you hang out with the right people (ie Steph and I)
  • Last game was sick! Did you see all those pretty goals? Expect more like them from both teams.

Bring it on, Detroit, we're coming for you. Be sure and check out all the other Wild blogs I have listed, and Steph who writes for No Pun Intended. Behind the Jersey is also an in depth Wings site. The Wild.com boards should be busy tonight, and if you like to live dangerously and hang out behind enemy lines, go visit letsgowings.com.

The game is on KSTC tonight at 7 CT. For all you Red Wings fans, that means 8 your time, just in case being a Wings fan has killed your math skills.


elise said...

You have now convinced me to watch it. Which doesn't really take much but nice list haha. Ha Chelios, old, ha. The "Adventures of Zetterdouche and Trianglehead" sounds fantastic.

CKim said...

Ouch, OT loss. My condolences.

P.S. I sent you a test text today, but you did not respond. I guess the test failed.

Maggie said...

It was a heartbreaking loss. Sigh. But we got a point and I will live with that.

But the X was really rocking tonight. I don't know if it was ever this loud except for the playoffs last spring.

CKim said...

I just saw the highlights. That Zetterburg can sure play hockey, huh? =P

Demitra had a nice goal tho!

Kirsten said...

Elise-I'm working on that storyline, and playing with paint and some pictures I took. We'll see what happens.

Ckim-text problem resolved. Stupid Zetterberg.

It's weird to watch the games from the TV and know that they at home. I still keep thinking that I should be there.