Thursday, February 7, 2008

Eff you too, Modano

Dear Wild,
I'm writing to you because I'm cranky. Losing to the by far best team in hockey after winning for most of the game sucked, but whatever, I shook that one off. Having Mike Modano night irritated me due to intense dislike of Mr. Modano, but I can see where you guys are coming from on that one. The final straw is following this up with a 1-0 loss to the Stars without their #1 goalie. Unacceptable. Losing to the Islanders would cause me to have a very bad week in hockey, and you don't want that to happen. I will make my wrath felt even from all the way out here. Capice? Do the words "tight division race and playoff hunt" mean anything to you? Well they should. Everyone is making the playoffs these days, even Phoenix.

Irritatedly yours,

PS, Bomber, you have clearly scored the perfect job for yourself. Keep up the good work, buddy!


elise said...

Bomber is possibly one of my favorite people ever.

Paul said...

Wow Kirsten, tell me how you really feel. ;)

Seriously, I'm teed off about the latest turn of events, too. Just think, we've already seen this before with another 1-0 home loss to the Stars. That team has gotten more gift-wrapped wins in the last few years than anybody else that I can remember. Yet here, they did earn it as much as I hate to admit it. You complained about Mike Smith, right? He beat the Rangers back in December where he stopped 39 of 41 shots that day. My hockey week has been bad, too. Well, today the Rangers blanked the Flyers, so today's off to a good start. Hopefully the Wild beat the snot out of the Islanders!

As much as I like Phoenix, them making the playoffs is no guarantee. They've been THE surprise team in the NHL to date, but they still have a lot of work to do themselves. The Wild should make it if they can get consistent goaltending and play better defensively against those tougher opponents.

KMS2 said...

I never had a problem with Modano till I found out he was with Willa she seems like a fucking puck bunny and hockey guys aren't supposed to give them the time of day.

Kirsten said...

Elise-I LOVE Bomber. He makes me smile.

Paul-I probably did, I complain about everyone on the Stars freqeuntly. We have to stop giving them wins. Sadly there was no snot beating.
I'm not saying Phoenix will make the playoffs for sure, but they've been knocking at the door lately. I wonder how long they can sustain it.

KMS2-Yeah, that's been added to a list of reasons that I dislike Modano. Surely as the number one American scorer he could do better than that?

elise said...

Me too. I met him at the Summer Road Tour last year and he was really nice and took a picture with us and signed my jersey and stuff and he was really fun to talk to.