Wednesday, February 13, 2008

My Bad, Wild Fans

So I'm feeling responsible for the Oilers' win last night. I totally heaped warm fuzzies on them, encouraged them, and reminded them that they have steamrolled teams in the past. Oops, my bad. I promise, I won't ever do that again...until next game when I'm torn again. It was a nice 4-2 win if you are an Oilers fan, or Coach MacTavish. He seems particularly pleased about the win. Note: if you are going to bash MacT, do it somewhere else. The Wild Boards have a whole thread about bashing him, but I like MacT, so I will not tolerate abuse of him here.

I do have one beef, and that is with Jarret Stoll. He has ten goals on the season and probably half of them are against the Wild. Why, Jarret, why? After you were so nice to me after my surgery, you turn around and do this? Not cool, dude. Brodziak, you too. You and I are SO no longer friends. I was ok with you getting one goal since you did a good celebration, but two...not so much. I can't get away with cheering for you when you are getting two goals against my number one team. Fernando Pisani, I'm happy you're healthy now and able to erm, keep your issues under control, but not happy enough to allow you crappy (sorry, I won't use that word around you again) first goals.

It is extremely hard for me to cheer against the Oilers. I have gotten super attached to these guys, even some of the new additions such as Gagner. Cogliano...not so much, even Matt Greene has grown on me. Penner too. Speaking of which, everyone should check out the Penner/Greene video if they haven't already. It's up on YouTube. Part 1 is much better than part 2.

Parrish had another rough night of getting his butt kicked and not scoring a goal that he deserved. Poor guy. He's had a tough last couple of weeks. Demitra and Rolston had the goals for the Wild

Backstrom was pulled in favor of Harding, and in my opinion that did nothing. If anything it hurt the team. Backstrom had played pretty well, and Harding was just thrown in, and did not play particularly well. Especially against Brodziak...

Up Next: Vancouver Canaucks. Willie Mitchell is rumored to be back, and the game will be on at a time that I actually might be able to watch. 9 PM CT on KSTC.

League Notes:

  • Wayne Gretzky is still awesome.
  • Two Habs players were arrested. Margee did some detective work for us and found out just how it all went down. Go and check out Sportsquee.
  • Joe Sakic is skating again!
  • Souray is done for the season. He and I can have a club.
  • Zednik is supposed to be released from the hospital soon according to TSN.
  • Rick Nash has great taste in ties.


Paul said...

Hey Kirsten, you're forgiven. ;)

I know where you come from. I am a true fan of three teams. I have my hometown team (Rangers) and then two out-of-town ones (Wild and Coyotes). It has a lot due to me having a personal connection to those locations, so it was a natural fit. The North Stars were my sole out-of-town team in grade school before they moved away. The Coyotes have filled that void since 1996. Then the Wild arrived and I fell in love with everything they represent and then some. Also being a Wild fan is the best present I could ever get for partly having Minnesota roots (my mother's distant relatives are from Thief River Falls while I have a second cousin or two in Minneapolis).

When my favorite teams play each other, I try to be neutral and impartial. Those are the only times I do. You should seen how tough it was for me when the Rangers and Wild hooked up in December and we know what happened that night.

Kirsten said...

It's hard, isn't it, having divided loyalties. Especially when they are in the same division.

Kirsten said...
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