Saturday, February 16, 2008

Wild Win and so do I

See, he's happy about it too.

The Wild won in a shootout with Koivu being the hero. His Personal Streak of Shootout Awesomeness has been revived. What is it about Finnish players and their mad skillz in shootouts? Whatever it is, Koivu's back, and vs. the Canucks too. How fitting. Take that and shove it, Ohlund! Too bad he wasn't petty enough to rub it into the Canucks bench again. I suppse in a shootout win he wouldn't have the opportunity, which is a bummer, cause I have to say that was awesome.

It was a good game up until the part where the Canucks tied it up, we didn't win in overtime, and I saw Koivu's name get called. I was nervous since he had been 0-3 this season...but clearly I did him a disservice.

Enough about the game, onto what I'm really making this post about. Teebz sent my prize as promised, and it's really, really, really effing cool. I got a Martin Brodeur mini stick, a Sidney Crosby action figure, a North Stars t-shirt, a Team Canada hat, and two Don Cherry DVDs. This is beyond awesome. A HUGE thank you goes out to Teebz for this generous prize, and for putting up with the highway robbery that the Canadian Postal Service charges these days. Thank you, Teebz!

NHL notes:
The Red Wings lost again!

Ryan Smyth is back two or so weeks early

Jagr is not doing well any more. Is this his last season? TSN wonders the same thing

Zach Parise had two goals tonight.

Random note about life: Honey flavored ice cream is really, really good.

Up next: the Wild play the Preds at home. I will try to watch the game, but I have an econ midterm to study for and an endless supply of French essays to write. Elise of 18,568 Reasons Why will be at the game, and so will my family if they make it back from Wisconsin in time. For those of us without tickets, the game is on at 7PM CT on FSN.


elise said...

I gave Mark Parrish a hug with my mind for you at the morning skate. I'm sure his mind hugged you back.

CKim said...

What is this honey-flavored ice cream??

Kirsten said...

Elise-awesome! I *heart* Parrish. I hope he stops getting injured and denied goals.

Ckim-Haagen Daz is making honey ice cream now in support of honey bees. It's delicious, brings awareness to some seriously facinating creatures. I feel like my nerdiness was just exposed...

CKim said...

Honey bees, eh? I shall have to check this phenomena out! Don't worry, everyone's a nerd about something.

Teebz said...

You're welcome, Kirsten!

I'm gonna have to look for this ice cream as well. :o)

------ said...

honey flavored ice cream = best thing ever, especially in february in minnesota.

Kirsten said...

Ckim & Teebz- I highly recommend it. It's awesome stuff.

----nothing better, in Oregon in the middle of the rainy season too.

Paul said...

Kirsten, honey-flavored ice cream? Wow. Seriously, as embarassing as it sounds, I've never had that before. I wonder if that Haagen Dazs flavor is available in New York. If I find it, I shall try it!

Big, big win on this night. Thankful the Wild pulled this victory out regardless if it had to be a shootout to decide it... hopefully they take care of business tonight in St. Paul with the rematch!