Monday, February 18, 2008

What's Wrong With Winning in Regulation?

Pierre-Marc Bouchard and his brother, Francois. Posted because I can.
The Wild beat Nashville 5-4 in OT last night on a game winner by Gaborik. I refuse to say glowing things about Gaborik ever, so all I'll say is good job. To the rest of the team, why did you start sucking? You guys were playing so well!! Mark Parrish answers this question for me, but much as I love him, I'm slightly less than fond of his answer. "We love the drama," Minnesota right-winger Mark Parrish said. "We want our fans to get every penny's worth. We want to put them through all the emotions." -Quote courtesy of TSN

Parrish, Nummelin, Bouchard, Gaborik (2) all scored for Minnesota last night. Brian Rolston was out with the flu, and I was pleased to see Nummelin playing in his place. Foster is looking a little beat up again lately. Poor guy has it rough, even with a face shield. Maybe he should start wearing a cage....
I'll still count this game in the streak of awesomeness, even though it certainly could have been more awesome.
NHL Notes:
  • Mark Parrish didn't lost a tooth last night

  • The Red Wings lost their 6th straight game last night

  • Forsberg has decided not to come to the US after all. Surprise surprise.

  • The Wild are now at least five points ahead of Calgary and Vancouver in the standings.

  • Rob Blake now wants to stay in LA

  • Lecavalier apparently doesn't want to be traded either. That's too bad...

  • Marleau and Brind'Amour are both on the IR

  • Staios got fined, not suspended for slashing one of the Canucks.

Up Next: The Wild vs. the Canucks, possibly for the last time this season. The game is on at 7 CT on FSN. Remember Wild players, DO NOT GIVE THEM ANY POINTS! You guys need to knock off this giving the other team a point crap and just win the game cleanly. There are times when it is not appropriate to be Minnesota Nice. Remember, they are nothing more than a bunch of karate chopping jerkwads. Koivu: I want to see you do something awesome and rub it in their faces!


elise said...

I agree with everything you said in your letter to the boys, prepping them for the Canucks game.

I was thinking the same thing about Foster and the cage.

How can two brothers look sooooo completely different?? Well, maybe it's just the fact that one has some nice flowing locks while the other has been a tad hair deprived since he was a teenager (but we love him anyway)

alix said...

That is a shame about Vinny. I would love to have him the the NW. Koivu better not do anything obnoxious...the Canucks are all fired up after beating the Oilers in that free for all :D

CKim said...

We want to put them through all the emotions???

Really? That's odd, but it's cool he's thinking of the fans that way...I guess?

Silly Forsberg, thinking he was healthy enough.

Kirsten said...

Elise-P-M always says he likes his brother, but you can't help but wonder if he's not a tad bit jealous on occasion, especially in Quebec where almost everyone seems to have full heads of hair, even when they are old.

Alix-I would love to have Vinny in the NW, playing for my team, but not someone else's. Koivu seems to have aquired a taste for revenge. I'm so proud of him!

Ckim-I know, maybe HE likes drama and suspense, but I just like winning.
Sometimes it's hard to know when you will be able to do something until you get back on the ice or in the boat. I can sympathize with a chronic injury, but I don't sympathize with him shopping himself before he knew he was healthy.

elise said...

Well Francois IS the mastermind/teacher behind PM's spin-o-rama move last year...

Paul said...

All can say is what a game! Take away the blown leads and it would've ranked as one of the best of the season. But I could say it was the most ENTERTAINING game of 2008.

Pierre-Marc Bouchard's goal was plain sick! He better get the love just as much as Rick Nash did and how Jonathan Toews did earlier this season. No doubt a highlight reel goal. All of Minnesota's were, including Gabby's game-winner! Had me jump out of my seat just like PMB's.

Steph said...

Hahaha oh Stevie...he seemed very grumpy the other day.

Kirsten said...

Elise-Francois is clearly awesome, then.

Paul-As soon as I find the goal on YouTube it will be posted here. I will give it love even if sports shows are dumb and neglect to.

Steph-I feel like I'd be grumpy too.