Sunday, February 24, 2008

Have I Mentioned Lately Just How Much I Loathe the Flames?

I needed to vent some rage..

Because I do. A lot. Today's 2-1 loss was horrible. The game might have turned out differently if the stupid ref hadn't waived off that goal. I was watching the game while attempting to be productive, but that didn't go too well for me. The Shames are now on top of the division...but we play a string of crappy Southeast teams coming up, so I'm hoping that will help us out. I have no idea who Calgary and Vancouver are playing coming up, but I hope they are good teams.

Mark Parrish scored on a feed from Mikko Koivu, proving why his office is right in front of the net for a reason. The Flames had goals by Conroy and Langkow.

JOE SAKIC IS SUPPOSED TO PLAY TONIGHT! I'm so torn, it's the Oilers, so I want them to win, but I want Sakic to get a goal or something.
Up Next: the, I don't really have a lot to say about them except for that we had better win! I must admit, I know they've been fairly decent for them, but I don't much beyond that. Go to A View From the Cheap Seats if you want to actually learn about them.

Oh yeah and Nick Schultz signed for six more years. Now it's only a decision between Rolston, Bouchard, and Demitra for this offseason.

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