Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Oilers vs. Wild!

The Oilers are clearly ready to bring it on!

Since I love the Oilers so much, they get their very own post for pregame.

We've beaten them a lot in the last 18 or so games, but that doesn't really mean anything, because they slaughtered the Shames 5-0 the other day. (We're not going to talk about the BoA that happened in between, thank you.) The Oilers seem to randomly steamroll teams, and the refs seem to randomly disallow goals and call penalties. Earl Sleek mentions karma like that again in his latest post.

We should not go to a shootout with this team, or even overtime, because the odds are heavily in their favor, and hopefully the Wild will not do their "let's play at the level of the team we are playing" thing.

I have absolutely no idea who will be in goal tonight, but if anyone knows, please tell me, as I need to know for my fantasy team. Russo might have it up later.

The Oilogosphere is always informative. The boys at Covered in Oil might have something up, and even if they don't you should read their blog any way. Andy Grabia over at Battle of Alberta will for sure put something up, and you should definitely read his blog too. If I'm lucky he'll have a game thread up. Basically there are a lot of good Oilers bloggers out there. The Hot Oil ladies have the scoop on young Sam Gagner...

There are also many quality Wild blogs, and if you want a Wild game day thread, check either Russo's Rants, or there will be one on the Wild.com Boards.

Game will be on at 8 CT on FSN.


Maggie said...

Backstrom in goal tonight.

I expect you to keep an eye on the game for me as I will miss the beginning due to parental commitments.

Paul said...

So, Kirsten... how did you fare in your torn allegiances for last night's game? The Wild lost and I'm not in the least happy about it.

Kirsten said...

Paul-it was rough for me last night. I'm going to write a post about how hard it is to be an Oilers/Wild fan, especially since Brodziak is one of my favorite players...

Steph said...

Where the heck did that picture come from and why isn't Hemmer in it!