Sunday, February 10, 2008

Two Wins, Fame, Fortune, and Schwag.

He doesn't look like a hero, but he's been tearing it up lately. What a goober. I have an even better picture of him on Facebook...sticking his tongue out at the Oilers.

The Wild had a good weekend to make up for their not so good week.

First off they had a 3-4 OT win over the "struggling" as we were reminded a million and two times, Isles. I felt that should have been a regulation win, but at least they didn't lose. It was fantasy goalie vs. fantasy goalie for me, so I was rather hoping that the Wild were not going to score 8 goals.

Today's game against the Blues was way more exciting than it needed to be, and had an unlikely hero. Who ever thought that Brent Burns of all people would be chosen for a shootout? Not me, that's for sure, but I take it back since he got the game winner. Demitra also had one in the shootout, and Gaborik had one in regulation. Kariya (GROSS) scored for the Blues making the final score 2-1 Minnesota. The Wild have now started a new Streak of Awesomeness, though Koivu has broken his by failing to score in the shootout.

I am famous! I submitted an entry to Teebz's blog, Hockey Blog in Canada, and am co-winner! I probably wouldn't have won if he hadn't decided to reward all that entered, as Ckim's entry was fantastic. Essay writing has never been my strong point, but I gave it a whirl and was rewarded. I'm going to be getting some schwag in the mail, and I absolutely can't wait to see what it is. He has my essay posted in it's entirity on his blog, and an excellent post about Hockey Day in Canada, which he attended in person. Check it out. I expect ESPN will be in touch with me any day now to write for them...

League notes:

  • Zednik got cut in the throat with a skate. It looks like he will be ok, but it's scary all the same.
  • Parrish is back from being concussed
  • Ducks beat Detroit. I didn't see that one coming, either.
  • LA won in a shootout.
Russo wrote a nice piece about Wes Walz today. You can go to the Star Tribune website and read it online.


elise said...

Oh Burns. I love him to death.

So you also realized the announcers didn't describe the Islanders as anything other than "struggling" either? (Maybe that's a sign for FSN).

I really, really, really want Wes Walz to come back. Even though he retired he still is one of the heart and soul guys for the team.

CKim said...

My first thought when I saw that picture, "WHOA!!!!" hahaha

Good job on your essay too! I'm glad I wasn't the only one that wrote one. =P

The Ducks really need to stop winning.

CKim said...

So I should really watch the highlights before I comment. Those were some crazy goals/stops on the shootout!

Maggie said...

Apparently, Mr. Burns has Mario Tremblay to thank for being allowed to participate in the shoot out. He lobbied hard.

I hear that Burnzie just got another huge tattoo on his back. I have trouble with the whole picture-I do not equate goofy people and tattoos. Just old school, I guess.

KMS2 said...

that's one hell of a missing tooth! And Hellllllo, Mr. Burns, aren't you quite the looker.

Teebz said...

Hey, you're welcome, Kirsten. You entered when others didin't so you get to claim the prizes!

elise said...

maggie - Burns has one on his back that says Wild and has a bunch of his animals around it...he just got a new one the other day though on his side that's a lance armstrong quote.

I'm just realizing how weird it is that I know about his tattoos.

Kirsten said...

Burns has grown on me. I used to loathe him a bit, but now that he's gotten better, he gets to feel the love a little bit.
TOTALLY. I was writing my econ assignment, and their repeated use of the word "struggling" caused me to write it in my assignment. Ugh.
WALZY! I LOVE HIM. I have his sweater, and I make people still living in MN wear it to honor him.

ckim-for real. I love watching the Ducks lose, and they are not obliging me at the moment.

oh Mario Trembly. I bet he lobied with lots of hand gestures...

KMS2-Burnzie seems to think it's cool to be missing a tooth.

Teebz-words cannot express how excited I am to recieve these fantastic prizes.

Elise-Stuff about his tattoos seems to be printed everywhere, it's probably not that weird...

elise said...

Mario Trembly makes me laugh. a lot. Every time I see him he is making some different hand gesture or laughing at something random. Burns probably picked the right guy to lobby to get him into the SO. And apparently he stole the move from Getzlaf.