Thursday, December 27, 2007

Complete Crap

Before I rant about the game, I would first like to rant about the NHL. They have a rule that prohibits teams from traveling on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day. That's fine, it's nice of them to observe a major Christian holiday, but it is a death sentence for all visiting teams on the 26th. If they want to have that rule, they should not put any games on the 26th, allowing teams to travel the day before the game and get their legs under them a bit better.

I don't know if the NHL's travel rule is completely to blame for the Wild getting smoked 8-3 by the Stars last night, but I'm sure it didn't help. Josh Harding had a rough night, as did Brent Burns. We were keeping pace with them goal for goal, but then something just exploded/died/self-destructed/etc. The score was 3-2 Stars at the end of the first. That was managable, but it all went to hell after that. I now present to you the game in pictures.

First they scored like a minute in..

Demitra had two goals on the night...
Then they lit up Harding
This is what the team looked like at the end of the game...

And this is what Coach Lemaire looked like.

Notes: Mark Parrish clearly pissed off the hockey gods. He had more good chances and didn't score, but then again no one else on the team really did either, so it's ok.
There might be some light blogging upcoming as I had elbow/wrist surgery yesterday. I'll see how it goes. I should be at the game on Saturday if anyone else will be there. Yay Oilers, even though I kind of don't like playing them, because it's hard to choose. I like the Oilers, but we need to get points in the division.


Paul said...

That game last night was absolutely brutal. Boy, I never thought to this day I'd ever see the Wild lit up for eight goals in a single game. Well, I guess there had to be a first.

A friend I have in Dallas was at the game and I gave my well wishes for the good time, but that is as far as it goes. I was even shown some warmup photos and interesting enough a few of the players appeared to almost be looking straight at the lens. Too funny.

The Stars are a streaky team, but unfortunately the Wild caught them while on a roll. But it's still no excuse. Dallas isn't as good as they appear to be, but they still have to be taken seriously. I used to root for that franchise when they were the North Stars, but absolutely not as far as the present day goes. If Minnesota is going to earn at least 100 points again this season, they're going to have to play a lot better than they did last night, that's for sure.

CKim said...

Man, when I saw that score yesterday, I thought of you and how you were most likely a sad panda. I know the feeling of getting absolutely whomped on by the Stars...

jdoghooey said...

I like your rant on no activities on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day. When the NFL and NBA leagues play on both those days it makes no sense to prohibit traveling.

Kirsten said...

Paul-I believe this is the second time in team history that we have given up 8 goals in a game, but I can't recall when the other time was. I'll look it up.

Ckim-I was a very sad panda. Getting whomped by the Stars sucks, I now feel your pain.

jdoghooey-it really doesn't but since when does the league do anything that makes sense?