Saturday, December 1, 2007

Letter to Wes Walz

Dear Wes,
You sounded very unsure during your retirement speech and subsequent interview about how the fans view you. I just wanted to say a few things to make it clear that we adore and respect you as a player and a person. You have been one of my favorite players if not my favorite player for a long time. I am shocked to say the least, and I believe that you can still play very well in this league, but this is about you, not me.

Everyday you came to the rink and gave it your all. Off the ice you were very giving in the community, friendly with the fans, and always smiling. On the ice your intesity and passion were unmatched, and it showed. Even though many people have expressed thoughts that you still have it, I respect that you feel you are not playing at the level you used to play at, and it is most important that you be happy with your decision, one that only you can make.

I wish you nothing but the best in your life, and I hope you realize just how much you will be missed. Please don't be a stranger at the X or in the community. Take care and good luck. Like someone else said, it's a not goodbye, it's a thank you.



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